A net of entrapment for Washington County

Dear Editor:

News flash — Washington County, the poorest county in Maine, spends more on scratch tickets, by far, than any other county in the state.

Now, the liberal “do-gooders,” swelling with their pseudo-concern, have discovered that we in Washington County are spending our welfare money on scratch tickets. We understand that they are taking money from other taxpayers to give to the “underprivileged” in Washington County to make themselves “feel good” and continue our entrapment. We understand this ploy because we have watched federal tax dollars do the same to our neighbors, the Passamaquoddies.

They just don’t get it, so they devise strategies to correct our stupidity. If only they knew. We well know their welfare dollars will never be the answer to our poverty. So we trick them. We buy scratch tickets as a tool to send the welfare dollars back to Augusta. So much scratching — no itching.

Now, if the “do-gooders” really wanted to solve the problem of poverty in Washington County, the solution is simple:

1. The state of Maine collects no taxes and fees from Washington County.

2. Each year, for the next 10 years, state dollars now sent to Washington County will be reduced by 10 percent until the sum is zero.

With the state dollars drying up, things would have to change. The “druggies” would hijack the free methadone buses and flee to Portland, where the “do-gooders” would set up used FEMA trailers for them on Munjoy Hill!

Washington County would become an economic engine like never seen before in history. Route 9 would become a “one-way highway” heading east with industry, college graduates, entrepreneurs, high-tech, artisans and more streaming in. The only exit from Washington County would be by way of Route 6 or Route 1, or by flying a corporate jet out of the airport in Princeton. The salaries and wages would be so high that even the “career compies” would be begging to get back into the workforce.

But, the “do-gooders” will never allow this to happen. They would lose control of the enslaved. They have turned the safety net into a net of our entrapment, and it suits their purpose.

Dana Kadey


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