A message for the City Council

Dear Editor:

Yesterday I received an email from the Ellsworth Public Library to inform me that, as a direct result of the library budget cuts, the Hoopla service offered by the library would not be renewed and would cease to be available as of July 1. I received this email because I used the Hoopla service.

In the April 28 edition of The Ellsworth American, Dale Hamilton was quoted as saying, “I haven’t heard anybody say ‘The library wasn’t available to me. I couldn’t use it for this.’” Well, I’d like to inform the City Council that I can no longer use the library for Hoopla, and neither can any other Ellsworth taxpayer who was using the service. Maybe next time the library budget meeting rolls around, the council will consider the “Taxpayers directly impacted by cuts” box to have been checked.

Donna Reed


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