A man with a plan

Dear Editor:

While it is a frequent claim by candidates who will lower taxes if elected, few are able to fulfill that promise once in office … or do so by cutting essential services. But we have the opportunity in the upcoming City Council election to choose a candidate who has really given much thought to how this might be accomplished. Bronson Platner plans to identify and apply for block grants that could supplement property taxes in meeting city expenses. Some of these can be quite substantial. For instance, some cities of Ellsworth’s size received three or four times the $70,000 Ellsworth received to cope with problems relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. Bronson has the experience and expertise (a lifetime as an attorney in Maine) to spot and apply for these grants. He would also encourage taxpaying businesses and development to locate in the area. Necessary services like the library or the schools would not have to have their budgets slashed. Bronson is the rare candidate who has a real plan to balance the tax/services equation.

Chauncey Bancroft


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