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Dear Editor:

I have been in law enforcement since 1991. I’ve spent the last six years as a chief of police. With all those years of patrol, and traffic work, I became aware of a safety issue that I had no way of legally addressing. There were uninsured drivers on the road, but when and if pulled over would provide a valid insurance card. Sometimes these people have been excluded on the policy because they had poor driving records (i.e., previous OUIs), etc., but we had no way of knowing they were excluded and ultimately uninsured.

The obvious reason is to keep their premiums low, but if they get into an accident the insurance company won’t insure them or pay for the damage they cause to others. The solution would be simple: require insurance companies to list excluded drivers on the insurance card. I contacted Rep. Billy Bob Faulkingham with my idea. I’m not sure how other people’s legislators work, but Billy Bob got on it. He put in “An Act to Include Excluded Individuals on Insurance Cards” and the next thing I knew he and I were testifying in front of a committee for our bill.

The bill was initially in doubt as to whether it was enough of a safety concern, but Billy Bob didn’t stop working. He spent hours talking with advocates of the insurance industry, and legislators from both parties. It’s clear how respected Billy Bob is by his peers because it was voted out of committee with unanimous support! Now, our roads will be safer because we have a representative willing to put the time in working for us.

As a member of law enforcement, the last couple years have been tough. It’s nice to have a representative who listens and not only supports law enforcement with his words, but also his actions.

Danny Mitchell


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