A grateful patient

Dear Editor:

Last week, I had the unfortunate experience of having unexpected surgery that landed me in Maine Coast Memorial hospital for six days. Yes, having surgery is unfortunate, but I am writing today to share how fortunate I really feel. No one likes to be in the hospital, with tubes down your nose, IVs in your arm and machines beeping constantly, not to mention the fear and anxiety that go along with surgery.

I feel fortunate because I was surrounded by a well-orchestrated team of professionals who all played an important role in my care and my healing process. Everyone who cared for me was competent, caring and professional. I am a new resident in Ellsworth and feel very fortunate to have such a high quality hospital in our city. On my last day, while waiting to be discharged, a volunteer musician walked the halls and played the guitar and sang ballads that made a huge difference in my mood. What an unexpected surprise that lifted my mood. It really was well orchestrated, even with a musician!

Patty Bergstrom


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