A disappointing account

Dear Editor:

I am disappointed in the article in the EA covering the rally in Gouldsboro on Oct. 19 outside of the Planning Board meeting regarding the moratorium on the American Aquafarms proposed industrialized fish farm.

I do understand the need to present both sides of any issue, however I do not feel the facts were presented accurately nor fairly. There was no mention of, quotes from or a picture of the 80-plus people who attended in opposition of the American Aquafarms proposed salmon farm in Frenchman Bay holding signs, banners and/or chanting — peacefully. The article also failed to mention that the “gentleman” who was quoted in the article, complete with a photo, the only photo that accompanied the article, strode up to the crowd and began yelling misinformation and obscenities at them, including two small children who were present holding homemade signs.

The article presented the incident as if the rally attendees were hostile and irrational when in actuality it was the other way around. The “shouting match,” as it was referred to, was initiated by him, as that was his (poorly) chosen method of communication.

Cathy Johnson

Winter Harbor

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