A choice of evils

Dear Editor:

Our recent history is full of politicians. LBJ was a Texan who meant well in 1964 then kept us in Southeast Asia, and quit when he couldn’t face the guilt.

Nixon said he wasn’t a crook; neither was his VP. He got us out of Vietnam but hired inept plumbers. After Spiro Agnew was removed, a deal was made. Ford became VP, then president, then pardoned Nixon.

The man from Plains, Jimmy Carter, a businessman who built houses for humanity, is proof positive that good guys finish last, if at all.

The Great Communicator, Ronald Reagan, helped tear down the Berlin Wall but failed to remember Iran-Contra; Oliver North took the fall.

Bush Senior told us to read his lips and raised the taxes anyway.

Mr. Clinton played a mean saxophone and was one with the people but he never had sex with “that woman.”

Bush Junior took us to war; he missed the real thing in Vietnam. Rumor was he missed his Air National Guard duty; it cost Dan Rather his job.

I’m sure history will find fault with Obama. I voted for him, twice. Now it’s Hillary’s and the Donald’s turn to try and make a difference. The voting this November, for better or for worse, will be a choice of evils, greater or lesser ones for sure. Vote for the country, not for yourself.

Rocky Stenger


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