A bit of a reach

Dear Editor:

The commentary in The Ellsworth American on Nov. 4 titled “Climate change and national security” by Professor Marvin Ott does an excellent job of explaining in detail the many effects of changing climate. There is no question that we should be doing more to minimize our carbon footprint, but to imply that it is a major cause of global warming is a bit far-reaching.

The climate has been changing ever since planet Earth was formed, 4 billion years ago. The most recently known example occurred some 15,000 years ago when an unthinkable “global warming” melted glaciers that were over 1 mile thick, without the assistance of any human-caused fossil fuels. As a result, common sense tells us that the most prudent course of action is to learn to live with and adapt to a continually changing climate. For example; be aware of sea level rise forecasts and don’t build in vulnerable areas, be prepared for food supply changes because of warming gulf waters that will push our fish and shellfish population farther to the north, the incidence of more predators that inhabit warming waters (great white sharks for example), significant changes in plant life with the threat of exotic species taking over, significant changes in wildlife species that can result in extinction or overpopulation, and the list goes on.

Bottom line — Learn to accept, prepare and live with endless climate change.

Joe Bertolaccini


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