• Funding plan needed for national parks maintenance backlog

    By State Sen. Brian Langley The 100th anniversary of the National Park Service has come and gone, but as we kick off the start of NPS’s second century, the need for Congress to work together to pass a funding mechanism to address the backlog of deferred maintenance at our parks becomes ever more critical. Like

  • Education du jour

    Compulsory education became the law of the land in 1918 — just 100-years ago. Elementary education and “common schools” existed before that time, but the number of children receiving formal education was modest. Today in Maine, 620 public schools and 117 private institutions assure that every child has access to a fair and “free” (taxpayer-funded)

  • When is a parking lot a civics lesson?

    At first glance, it looked like the ultimate expression of small-town culture. City officials, residents and businesspeople stopped what they were doing last Thursday afternoon to take part in the solemn occasion of a parking lot ribbon-cutting. But, on reflection, it was no small matter. Not if you live, work or pay taxes in Ellsworth.

  • A champion for those with disabilities

    Dear Editor: We would like to thank Rep. Richard Malaby for being a tireless supporter and advocate for individuals with disabilities. He supported our years-long efforts to establish housing for young adults with disabilities in Bar Harbor. He wrote legislation to support our efforts, and worked with legislators on both sides of the aisle to

  • A disgraceful display in Gouldsboro

    Dear Editor: Disgraceful. The town of Gouldsboro goes to the trouble and expense of displaying the flag of the United States on the main roads through the town, particularly the village of Prospect Harbor. A fine display of patriotism. The disgraceful part is what happens next: Nothing. The flags get worn, tattered and torn, wrapped

  • A giant of a gentleman

    Dear Editor: I had the opportunity to meet with Doug Bunker at a cocktail party, and when he began to speak, I knew I was in the presence of a giant of a gentleman. The truth of him, his honesty and his integrity became clearly evident. I came away knowing he would bring all sides

  • Arruda will get things done in Augusta

    Dear Editor: I am supporting Nathalie Arruda, Democratic Maine House candidate in the Orland/Penobscot/Prospect/Dedham/Otis area, because she will work tirelessly to address the concerns of the people in her district. I was at the recent Orland Methodist Church bean supper sitting near Nathalie Arruda when Nathalie recognized a woman sitting across from her. Nathalie Arruda

  • The value of Clean Elections

    Dear Editor: State Rep. Larry Lockman objects to a $3 million-per-year Clean Election expenditure (July 19 Ellsworth American commentary), comparing this program to crack cocaine addiction. He mistakes the rate by a factor of two since the expenditure is for each two-year election cycle, and is therefore only $1.5 million per year. Rep. Lockman does

  • Maine must take on 3D gun threat

    By Geoff Bickford The Maine Gun Safety Coalition commends Attorney General Janet Mills for joining with a group of 20 other state attorneys general in a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, voicing their concerns about the State Department’s settlement with the Texas organization Defense Distributed that allows public