• Death with dignity

    Last week, the Governor signed the “Maine Death with Dignity Act” into law. The legislation, LD 1313, allows terminally ill adults with less than six months of life expectancy to end their lives with physician-prescribed medication. To qualify, a patient must be a Maine resident, terminal, deemed competent by two doctors and have voluntarily expressed

  • The sounds of summer

    By Todd R. Nelson   “That is such a summer sound,” said my daughter Ariel. She was helping me hang the wooden screen door on the front of the house, so she had the privilege of letting it slam for the first time. The hinges creaked, the door swished toward the house and wood met

  • Waiting for the punchline to Trump fan piece

    By Jim Sack When I read the recent commentary by Phil Grant [“Why do we like Trump? Here’s why,” June 6], I admit that I found myself looking ahead to the place in his writing where he would say he was kidding, or even “April Fool.” It never happened and that puzzled me. A man

  • A reality check on Trumpmania

    Dear Editor: The stark contrast between Phil Grant’s sycophantic commentary [“Why do we like Trump? Here’s why,” June 6] and Roger Bowen’s fact-based commentary [“Lies damn lies and cover-ups,” June 6] makes it abundantly clear that Trump supporters reside in an alternate universe where lies are reality and truth is “fake news.” As limited space

  • Ellsworth Library deserves your support

    Dear Editor: Aside from being a beautiful, historical landmark building, the Ellsworth Public Library provides a comfortable and safe place to access a wide range of services to citizens of Ellsworth and 18 surrounding communities. Its resources include all manner of fiction and nonfiction books to magazines and newspapers. The library provides access to an

  • A true team effort

    Dear Editor: Kudos to Rep. Robert Alley (D-Beals) and Washington County legislative Republicans for opposing the National Popular Vote proposal (LD 816).   This effort to do an end-around on the Constitution, abolish the electoral college, diminish federalism and the protections it offers a diverse republic and small states like Maine was strongly backed by

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help

    Dear Editor: There is a stigma, by some people, about saying one needs mental health assistance. Why should it be that way? It is an integral part of one’s body. If you are challenged with a mental health issue, seek medical assistance from one of the following: therapist, psychologist and/or psychiatrist. Once your condition has

  • Media needs to keep it real in portrayal of women

    Dear Editor: I am writing to you today on behalf of my concerns with the way the media portrays women, and what it is doing to the self-esteem of young women and inflicting poor body image across the United States. The visualization of women that media presents portrays unrealistic social expectations and has a negative

  • No winning on bag question

    Dear Editor: Remember the day when all bags at the grocery store were made of paper? The tree huggers cried “stop cutting down our trees!” Hence plastic bags were introduced. OK, that works. Now, paper bags are back and we must pay for each one we use! Go figure. Abbie Goggin Ellsworth

  • A touching turnout in the face of tragedy

    Dear Editor: Thank you in advance for allowing me to share some thoughts publicly at this time, a bit more than three months after the death of my 15-year-old grandson, Wilder Allen Colson, and before the end of the school year at EHS, where he was a freshman, and at the beginning of a summer

  • Town in turmoil

    It’s been a bumpy ride in Gouldsboro town government this spring. In the past two weeks, officials learned of errors in the posting of the Town Meeting warrant, prompting two emergency meetings and a scramble to reschedule Town Meeting and municipal elections; the police chief resigned and the town manager followed suit the next day.