• The end of the Iran deal

    Early last week, President Trump announced that the United States would cease to observe its obligations under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, better known as the Iran deal. His public statement — replete with untruths, half-truths and distortions — amounted to a declaration that Iran was violating the agreement and could not be trusted.

  • Legacies, deadlines and dubious politics

    On June 12, Democrat and Republican party members will vote for their respective candidates in the primary elections. The plurality “party” of Mainers, the unenrolled voters, will be on the sidelines, watching. Eighteen days after these primary elections, the state’s fiscal year will end. The possibility exists that several major legislative bills will remain unreconciled.

  • Collins should answer the call

    Dear Editor: If [Sen. Susan] Collins wanted to, she could easily take on the Margaret Chase Smith mantle of “conscience” and call for Trump’s ouster before he does any more damage (to our psyches, economy, place in the world, etc.). John Greenman Orland

  • Fuel for debate

    Dear Editor: I am writing in response to Rachel Gantz’s letter to the editor dated May 17 in regards to E15 fuel. I am the lucky owner of a small lake boat, a four-wheeler, a snow blower, a lawn tractor, a push mower, a wood splitter and a chainsaw. Before you classify me an elitist,

  • Mason a rare breed in Maine politics

    Dear Editor: The likes of a Garrett Mason don’t come along very often in Maine politics. I say this as an unapologetic moderate Republican who believes that this young man could and should lead Maine to a prosperous future. Garrett is a seventh-generation Mainer who was raised from a young age to be self-reliant, work

  • Schwartz will put citizens first

    Dear Editor: I am a lifelong Democrat. These are the reasons I will vote for Ian Schwartz, rather than his opponent, Louis Luchini, in the June 12 Democratic primary for State Senate District 7. I admit I had the impression that the likeable Luchini was representing his constituents and the working people of Maine. He

  • Send Craig Olson to D.C.

    Dear Editor: I am writing in support of Craig Olson’s candidacy for representative of Maine’s 2nd Congressional District. Craig’s grassroots experience of what makes good government effective, his understanding of the needs and concerns of his constituents, his thoughtfulness, his willingness to listen and his practical approach to getting things done will make him a

  • Some good advice from Will Rogers

    Dear Editor: Patricia Colling Egan, in her letter published on this page on Thursday, May 10 (“Too much of the news is nonsense”), asserts that “the left and the media … have spent more than a decade persuading us that sexual promiscuity is a good thing.” Now proving a causal relationship between a nebulous “left”