• We are what we eat

    Maine’s firearms deer season drew to a close Saturday, but before then thousands of local and visiting hunters took the opportunity to commune with nature and their hunting buddies in the woods. The hunting tradition has been passed down through generations of Maine families — an exercise in skill, patience and seized opportunities. The traditional

  • Disappointed in Golden

    Dear Editor: Yesterday, CD2 Rep. Jared Golden was the Republican poster boy for Democratic opposition to the Biden social infrastructure initiative, which will provide essential services for Americans and help rebuild our economy. The praise must have gone to Golden’s head. Today, Republicans will welcome Golden with open arms as he votes “no” on the

  • Thanks to Provender

    Dear Editor: Everybody Eats! Free Community Meal would like to thank the staff of Provender Kitchen and Bar for providing a generous, full-course Thanksgiving takeout meal to the community on Monday, Nov. 22, during our weekly Monday meal distribution. Chef Daron Goldstein, Janice Woodard and Tina McKechnie provided the turkey, sides and ingredients, prepared the

  • Germany turns the page

    Next week an era will end in Europe. Angela Merkel, Germany’s long-serving (16 years) chancellor, will retire; a new coalition government will take office. Merkel was an unlikely giant on the international stage. Born behind the Iron Curtain in East Germany, she studied physics, learned Russian and acquired a keen understanding of the pathologies of

  • The giving season

    When the downtown Ellsworth Christmas parade steps off Saturday morning, longtime former organizer Thelma Beal will emerge from behind the scenes into the spotlight. She is this year’s grand marshal, but she won’t fulfill that role alone. She asked members of the team that has helped her over the decades to join her. As any

  • State-owned landfill being made a scapegoat

    By Brian Oliver A recent op-ed in this paper incorrectly denigrated a sustainable landfill practice that is an essential part of Maine’s solid waste disposal system. Worse, the op-ed tried to associate this sound and environmentally sustainable policy to circumstances that we all can agree are unsustainable — such as the overuse of plastics, the

  • A true craftsman

    Dear Editor: I enjoyed seeing the article about the print series by poet Beatrix Gates, artist/printmaker Tim Seabrook and artist Leslie Cummins. The article emphasized their dedication to traditional methods, so I found it odd that the article also said that Tim created the plates at the Fab Lab in Orono. Tim did almost all

  • Your God, My God

    Dear Editor: My God comes to me in the shape and color and fragrance of a flower delightful! My God comes to me in the shape and usefulness of a coat hanger. Your God comes to you in the shape and size of a brown shoe to walk on sharp stones or glass. Shape, size

  • The search for truth

    Dear Editor: I have been looking around lately and I am having trouble finding the “truth.” The truth in our lives, in the government, the honesty in our elected officials as they misrepresent things that happen in this country. It’s the intentional misleading of the people to take our rights away and control us, the

  • Pain at the pump

    Dear Editor: I’ll make this short and sweet. Very simple, I’m sure many will say too simple. Inflation is out of control and gas prices really affect people living in Maine. Remove the 30 cents per gallon state gas tax for one year. From what I could understand, Maine’s DOT gets roughly $400 million a

  • Flags Over Trenton

    Dear Editor: Once again fall has arrived, and all the flags have been taken down – all 200 of them this year! I would like to thank the Trenton Chamber of Commerce, the town of Trenton and all who have helped and donated to make this project possible. I must say that driving up and