• Tax season demands new tax relief

    During the recent State of the State address by Governor Paul LePage, a significant amount of time was devoted to conservation tax easements and the nonpayment of property taxes by countless nonprofit organizations in the state of Maine. Never one to shy away from controversial topics, the Governor has long pressed for changes to Maine

  • A strategic future takes shape

    Secretary of State Tillerson has returned from a five-nation tour of the Middle East designed to shore up American influence. The results were underwhelming. When military hostilities flared up between Israel and Iran, it was Russia’s Putin, not Tillerson, who stepped in and calmed things down. However, the bigger picture is more nuanced. After years

  • A call to action on MDI

    By Bob Chaplin Summer settlements on this uniquely beautiful island, known as Pemetic to the native peoples, continued for many centuries. During the summer, they partook of the resources the land and sea had to offer them. They knew full well that if they followed the practice of using only what they needed, they could

  • Asymmetric warfare or “Send the Army home”

    By Michael Hall The United States is losing the war. At fault is our bloated and wasteful military. Our military leaders are training to refight their last successful wars, World War II, Korea and the 1991 Gulf War. They have forgotten the lessons of our revolution, Vietnam and the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Our country’s

  • A question on shootings

    Dear Editor: Dear Every American: Please answer this one question: How many women/girls shot church or concert attendees, or grade school students, or high school students? Joasha Dundas Franklin

  • A poorly presented argument

    Dear Editor: Never is it a good idea to begin an argument with an ad hominem attack as Phil Grant does in his commentary [“Tax cuts are good for the economy,” Feb. 8] calling Democrats “leftists.” Nor does he win any friends or support his argument for advancing the economy by pointing vaguely at individual

  • A question of fairness

    Dear Editor: A recent commentary by Phil Grant [“Tax cuts are good for the economy,” Feb. 8] is classic textbook trickle-down economics. While not a recognized economic model, it is overly used, highly politicized and strongly supported by conservatives. Where’s the proof? The arguments for and against it have a 40-year history. While I think

  • Don’t give up the fight to protect Maine’s scenery

    Dear Editor: The rejection of Northern Pass by New Hampshire regulators puts CMP’s “Clean Energy Connect” back on the front burner. Even though CMP has stated publicly its 145-mile direct current transmission line from Coburn Gore to Lewiston has nothing to do with wind power it stretches credulity to not see a direct relationship between

  • Drilling unlikely off Maine coast

    Dear Editor: Recently new concerns have surfaced about opening the continental shelves of the United States, including Maine, to renewed exploration and possible production of oil and gas. For example, there are those in Maine who fear that oil platforms could be put off Mount Desert Island in Frenchman Bay, destroying both the scenic views