• Vaccination passport needed

    Dear Editor: I love being an old man during this pandemic. The excuse of social distancing has given me perfect understanding why my neighbors cringe whenever I approach. But, I’ve got to say, I’d love it more if I felt medically protected at church or a restaurant. Anti-vaccine COVID-ites just giggle. “Why should I get

  • Time for an equitable health care system

    Dear Editor: Throughout Maine, too many residents cannot access health care. Our families and friends suffer and too often die because they lack coverage or cannot afford high deductibles or expensive medications. In Maine’s current legislative session many legislators support the enactment of an equitably funded, comprehensive health care system. Economic studies, some in Maine,

  • Salmon farm not worth the cost

    Dear Editor: Downeast Maine has always been a natural refuge from Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and other cities I have lived in and their nearby hotel-and-boardwalk-lined beaches. One of the last vestiges of a wild and unpolluted world left on the Eastern Seaboard, Frenchman and other nearby bays abutting Acadia National Park have remained clear and

  • Kudos to Warden Service

    Dear Editor: I wish to commend and thank the Maine Warden Service for the many ways the state’s wardens aid and protect our wildlife and for how they assist and educate Maine’s citizens. I especially want to express my appreciation for our local warden, Eric Rudolph, for his compassion, dedication and amazing knowledge. He is

  • Keep the Legislature out of the classroom

    Dear Editor: Do we really need the Luchini bill mandating that public schools teach African-American history and Holocaust history? If it’s true what the student claimed, that the Holocaust was barely mentioned in her classes, then this is a problem to be rectified by a local school board, not the Legislature. Of course we want

  • A primer on Blue Hill’s Healthy Ecosystem Ordinance

    Dear Editor: The Blue Hill Healthy Ecosystem Ordinance went into effect on Jan. 1, 2021. The ordinance prohibits the “application, storage or sale of synthetic substances (pesticides) other than those specifically listed as ‘allowed’ in the National Organic Program (U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances),” with exemptions cited in the

  • Electricity plan charges ahead

    Dear Editor: I was elated to learn that the legislation to establish a consumer-owned utility for electricity in Maine was passed out of committee and is on its way to the full Legislature for votes. It has bipartisan support. If approved by Governor Mills, it will go to the voters in November. I have been

  • Boom time in Schoolsville

    By Todd R. Nelson Some days, being an elementary school principal gets complicated. Like the day, as code enforcement officer of Schoolsville, I realized that the merchants and construction companies in the playground sandbox had not applied for the required permits. I visited corporate headquarters.  “We can’t have retail stores doing business, and large-scale public

  • We can solve the direct care worker crisis

    By Sen. Marianne Moore Signs of economic turnaround are everywhere. Along with warmer weather, Mainers are enjoying other signs of spring, many of them with the words “Help Wanted” on them. Everywhere you look, businesses are seeking to fill “All Jobs, All Shifts” and with tourist season here, we are bound to see more of

  • The future is yours

    Mount Desert Island and Deer Isle-Stonington high school graduates have turned their tassels and stepped off into the next phase of their young lives. More Hancock County graduations will follow through the weekend. By 2020 standards, this year’s ceremonies are a leap closer to normalcy. By next June, hopefully the all-clear will have sounded and

  • Preserving public access

    Word spread quickly when barricades appeared blocking access to the public parking lot for Carrying Place Beach on Newbury Neck in Surry. Soon it was discovered that the lot, used for decades, was not so public after all. It was on private property that had gone on the market. The owners, who apparently did not

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