• Threats, anger and journalists

    All journalists understand that our professional work will cause people to be angry with us and that sometimes we will receive actual threats against us personally and institutionally.

  • Anti-fireworks arguments fall on deaf ears in Gouldsboro

    As this newspaper reported, the citizens of Gouldsboro in their annual town meeting voted not to approve a citizens’ initiative that would have limited consumer fireworks use to July 4 and Dec. 31. Based on a voice vote, the moderator ruled from the dais that those opposed to the restrictions were in the majority.

  • One lucky city

    Dear Editor: Every time I traverse Ellsworth’s lovely Main Street I am filled with delight by the gorgeous and lovingly maintained flowers that line both sides of the street and the bridge. How lucky we are to have such dedicated and creative people working so hard to make our downtown such a vibrant and beautiful

  • Slow down to avoid potential tragedy

    Dear Editor: I’m still trying to figure out why, at 7:15 a.m., our dog was struck by a pickup truck in front of our house this past beautiful, clear Sunday morning, in a residential 25-mph speed zone. The street was clear, no other traffic that early in the morning, a quiet start to the day.

  • Some help for voter confusion

    Dear Editor: The letter that appeared in this paper last week, “A primary election puzzler,” wasn’t the only example we heard this year of voters turned away from the June primary election because of confusion over the law regarding deadlines for party enrollment. To be clear, unenrolled voters like this one may enroll in a

  • The nature of exponential growth

    Dear Editor: As eloquent as Tom Rolfes’ July 5 letter to the editor [“Time to chill out on the issue of climate change: it’s old news] was, he has many mixed-up thoughts in his presentation. Although climate is and has always been in flux, as Mr. Rolfes states, as well as by geological evidence the

  • Welcome to the RDP

    To the Editor: Phil Grant is back in The American (July 5, “A president who knows economics”) with more inanity, this time about how Donald Trump “knows economics” and is responsible for a “surge” from “the doldrums” in the nation’s economy, more specifically our gross domestic product. But, in truth, we’re talking RDP here, not