• Stand up to the polarizers

    Dear Editor: Kudos for your editorial “As Maine Goes” [Jan. 16]. Every day brings news of a gathering financial tsunami coming from out of state to buy Mainers’ votes. Meanwhile, the Federal Election Commission can’t function because it doesn’t have enough members, there is no federal “Disclose Act,” which the Supreme Court endorses, and polarizing

  • Burma in China’s embrace

    China’s challenge to America and its drive for global primacy will dominate international politics for the foreseeable future. This contest will play out across the full spectrum of international affairs: economics, politics, science and technology, ideology and geographic/territorial control. A quick glance at the map will suggest where China’s initial territorial ambitions are focused. China

  • We lead

    Dear Editor: Here in Maine, we are an example to the rest of the nation. When we are at our best: We have our points of view, but we are polite and gracious, even when we disagree. In sports, we play vigorously, but we compete fairly and we play honestly. As we make a living,

  • Lab should pay its fair share

    Dear Editor: Interesting Page 1 article about the city’s decision to exempt the Jackson Lab Ellsworth facility from paying local property taxes [“Lab makes millions on mouse sales so why is it tax-exempt?” Dec. 19]. The rationale for the exemption, as articulated by the city assessor and the tax law professor, really strains credulity, nonprofit

  • The projecting Post

    Dear Editor: The Washington Post In its fury and glory Says President Trump Always makes up big stories.   Get a mirror, you guys Your projection is evident In your allegations Regarding the President.   Tut-tutting and tsk-ing And hollering “Lies!” Its own fabrications Copped Pulitzer Prize.   There is an apt adage ’Bout goring

  • Thanking those who have served

    Dear Editor: I knew the state of Maine had a lot of veterans who served our country. It is very evident now with the introduction of the new veteran license plate, as they are very easy to spot. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have served. Michael Pinkham Sullivan

  • Our democracy is in peril

    Dear Editor: As Chief Justice John Roberts recently pointed out, our citizens “take democracy for granted.” That development puts our democracy in peril. Only one out of our last three presidents was initially elected for their first term with a majority of votes from our citizens. President Trump was elected with the help of Russian

  • An old problem

    The opioid epidemic is claiming lives, filling jail cells, breaking up families, diminishing the pool of eligible workers and costing billions of dollars. The crisis is rightly at the forefront of discussions surrounding public health and criminal justice in Maine and nationwide. But there is another intractable substance abuse problem that dates back much further

  • Senate impeachment information

    Dear Editor: Lev Parnas is not the “cleanest” citizen – but who hired him — directly by Trump or indirectly through Rudy Giuliani? And for what purposes? Seemingly not for America. Who is lying? Parnas is under indictment. The Washington Post count of lies from President Trump is over 15,000. His level of untruth is

  • An imminent distraction

    Dear Editor: “When things are bad at home, go pick a fight with the neighbors.” Once again, the “Donald” has shown us his skill at misdirection. I pity the drones who suffer at the whims of the President. I suspect they’ve had several opportunities to take out the military leadership in Iran. But … it

  • Seeking signatures for Savage

    Dear Editor: I’m writing in support of Lisa Savage to help get her name on the 2020 ballot. Lisa is running as a Green Independent Party candidate against Susan Collins in a historic Senate race using ranked choice voting (RCV). And because of RCV, we can vote our conscience without having to worry about a