• Don’t forget to vote

    Dear Editor: June 14 will be a very different election. If your senator was Louie Luchini, you no longer have a senator, as he resigned. Vote for Brian Langley to fulfill the rest of Luchini’s term. Everyone, regardless of party affiliation, may vote for Brian. If you are in Brian’s new district, he will be

  • Mud season arrives

    Low blows are nothing new in politics. Mudslinging just might be as American as apple pie. A national pastime bent on winning voters via shock and scorn — or at the very least sticking it to the other guy to the delight of the already converted. As a daily deluge of political angst chases us

  • Keep it positive

    Dear Editor: I read with interest the three letters in last week’s edition of The Ellsworth American regarding the upcoming election for District 7 in the Maine State Senate. All were written in support of the writer’s choice, but I did find one glaring weakness in one letter. While two of the writers shared why

  • Mark your calendars, voters

    Dear Editor: For the first time in a dozen years or more, the League of Women Voters – Downeast will not be holding a candidate forum for the election of a state senator in the district that encompasses most of Hancock County. This is a big disappointment to us in the League, but we have

  • A dream come true

    Dear Editor: To the people of Surry: In April of 2016, I and on behalf of a very small group, asked the voters of Surry to allow us to rehabilitate your Old Village School. You granted my request, and we completed that rehabilitation. For two and a half years now, the Old School has been

  • A misguided idea

    Dear Editor: Americans are, on the whole, a very responsible people. We generally pay back our debts, loans and obligations. Yet the Biden administration has extended the pause on student loan payments yet again until Aug. 31, while liberal progressives clamor for total repayment cancellation of the $ 1.7 trillion of outstanding debt. Biden seems

  • The ACP’s unintended irony

    Dear Editor: After 21 years, we finally switched from DSL, i.e., copper to coaxial, going from 15×0.7 to 200×10 with Spectrum (Charter Communications, the largest cable provider by subscriber count in the United States). The chief reason for the switch was because the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) made it affordable; well, at least it will

  • It’s complicated

    Dear Editor: Again, horrific mass shootings. Free speech and the right to keep and bear arms cannot be a free-for-all. Supremacy remains about power, and the risks associated with where we are positioned. Should we be able to say anything? Considering the First Amendment, I echo and support the basic principles as: The right to

  • Missing the bigger picture

    Dear Editor: Once again, The Ellsworth American’s opinion page is minimizing the collective efforts of a regional group to improve the municipal solid waste landscape in Maine. The former Coastal Resources of Maine facility opened in late 2019 and ran successfully for six months proving that the technology to recycle, process and keep more household

  • Ready for the next step

    Dear Editor: Very soon, we here in Maine Senate District 7 can cast our votes for Nicole Grohoski in the June 14 special election. Nicole’s Maine roots, education, experience and outlook all inform her work for us. Count us as lucky. And count me in. As an older Mainer, I am pleased to have our