• A tireless worker

    Dear Editor: Nicole Grohoski has been a tireless worker serving four years in the Maine House representing Ellsworth and Trenton, always keeping us informed about what is happening locally as well as Augusta with her newsletters and personal meetings. She has worked for the protection of youth suffering from addiction and improving access to property

  • A valuable public service

    Dear Editor: The Sept. 22 edition included a copy of the Constitution. My mother told us that we were descended from Rufus King of Maine, who helped write that document. She did not say how we were related, and we cannot figure it out, but it made me curious as a child. Now I find

  • A missed opportunity for Ellsworth

    By Jon Stein My name is Jon Stein, and I’m running for Ellsworth City Council this November. People may know me as the vice president of Heart of Ellsworth, a Maine Community Foundation Hancock County Grant advisor, an educator with Ellsworth Adult Education, or as the owner of Fogtown Brewing Co. But last Monday, I

  • Commentary: Two distinct cultures

    By Roger Bowen It is a simple fact that the United States is governed within a federal structure, reflecting the compromise between federal and states’ rights struck by the Founders more than 230 years ago. Perhaps no less obvious, but becoming ever more evident since the Trump administration, is that America remains divided by at

  • America needs uniters

    Dear Editor: Thank you, Hugh Bowden, for an honest, accurate assessment of “constitutional patriotism” in your opinion “Making America ‘godly’ again” [Sept. 22]. Throughout history, shysters have hidden behind God in their desire to impose their will upon others with different opinions. Mr. [John] Linnehan is a divider in the mold of far-right-wing self-aggrandized “patriots”

  • Sleep on it

    According to the American Heart Association, cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in the U.S. and globally. And the data could not be clearer as to why. Approximately 121 million people in the U.S. have high blood pressure, 100 million are obese, more than 28 million have Type 2 diabetes and only

  • Here we go again

    Dear Editor: About 25 or so years ago, this same issue (whale entanglements) was aimed at the fishermen by the feds, most of whom had never been on one of those boats to see how respectful the fishermen are of the oceans and the creatures living there. Some of my research of the issue showed

  • An uninformed vote

    Dear Editor: The Ellsworth City Council, at its September meeting, voted not to join the Community Resilience Partnership and thus not be able to apply for state funds for a $50,000 stormwater remediation project. The Public Works Department is already set to do that stormwater remediation work. But now it will be done with Ellsworth

  • Leaving our citizens behind

    Dear Editor: I was bewildered this evening as I participated in a City Council meeting where a majority of the councilors voted against a new program for funding essential projects in our city. By participating in the Community Resiliency Partnership we would have had the opportunity to access funds from state and federal sources to

  • Passing the test

    Dear Editor: Our representative in Congress should work to meet the needs and to protect the rights of all, including women, veterans and minorities. That person should be ethical, approachable and transparent, taking an independent position when needed and working in bipartisan processes when possible. Jared Golden meets this test. Although I don’t always agree

  • It’s not about the whales

    Dear Editor: I read with horror about the recent slam against the Maine lobster industry as an enemy of the right whale. Such a drastic move brought the whole controversy into clear focus for me. It’s very obvious that the whales are pawns in this game, which is really about money. Follow that money and