• Errant driving

    The recent headlines tell the story of increased levels of motorcycle crash deaths in Maine this year — exceeding last year’s total through the end of September with 20 deaths so far. This rise is reflective of increased automobile crash deaths over the past two years as well, after years of falling death levels across

  • Shining a light

    Maine has a relatively low number of murders each year compared to other states. On average, annually, about half of those cases involve a victim who knew his or her killer. Taken together, these statistics have sometimes resulted in a reassurance that someone in Maine is highly unlikely to be killed by a stranger. That

  • A conversation about guns

    By Craig Olson We need to talk about guns. It is a topic fraught with emotion. Here is a simple fact: America is the leader in the world in gun-related deaths. Events like the Las Vegas massacre happen with a frequency that is horrific. There is no guarantee that another mass casualty would not happen

  • Speech and freedom

    I served honorably for three years in the U.S. Army in the years just before the war in Vietnam became the number one target of dissension in our nation.

  • A closer look at the Second Amendment

    Dear Editor: In the turbulent wake of yet another round of mass murders by gunfire — this time in Las Vegas — it is time to reread the Second Amendment to seek assurance in our time of shock and confusion. The amendment contains 27 words divided into four sections and separated by three commas. In

  • Don’t make Bar Harbor, park overcrowding worse

    For many years, Bar Harbor, through its Town Council, has dreamed of becoming a star cruise ship destination for the Northeast coast. It has essentially achieved that goal, growing from 64 visits in 2002 to 164 cruise ship visits planned this year. In 2016, it hosted a total of 232,000 passengers, approximately 95,000 crew, from

  • Can we talk?

    Dear Editor: I’m related to the first person executed for murder in the U.S. You may not have heard of him, but his name was John Billington and he came over on the Mayflower. He was a troublemaker who killed a fellow colonist and was hanged in 1630. My grandmother bravely fought for women’s access

  • Send a message to LePage in November

    Dear Editor: As Maine voters who believe that health care is a right, we strongly support Question 2 in the November election. This measure expands Medicaid coverage in Maine. At present, 70,000 Mainers have no choice but to go to emergency rooms when they need urgent care. Passage of Question 2 would allow hospitals to