• Lawmakers’ shifting priorities get Bunker off the bench and into the game

    On we go with legislative candidates. In House District 137, Republican Larry Lockman (Amherst) is being challenged by Democrat Doug Bunker (Franklin). An avowed conservative, Lockman is no stranger to controversy based on his views about women, abortion, gays and immigrants. Those views, and the language he uses to support them, have been sufficiently extreme

  • The Brexit blues

    The United States is not the only country with political divisions so deep that government policy is often paralyzed and dysfunctional. Great Britain is within two months of a watershed decision on implementing Brexit — the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union. The historical antecedents of this moment go deep into the past. Britain,

  • What’s better than a pound of cure?

    There’s lots of hand-wringing these days about our recycling options drying up. It’s been like watching a car crash in slow motion: one town after another cautions its residents that they need not bother separating glass from paper, plastics from cloth, wood from coffee grounds. These days, most of it’s going down in the ground

  • Looking for fairness in school aid distribution

    Maine’s school funding formula, though inherently flawed, is generally regarded as the best method for determining equitable distribution of state support. The method uses property valuation to determine a community’s wealth. Fair enough, one might say. The higher the valuation, the reasoning goes, the better the likelihood that a community can fund education through local

  • A refreshing change from the daily drama

    Dear Editor: During these times of political chaos and partisanship I sometimes feel the need to distance myself from the daily drama and discord playing out on the national level. Lately I have found comfort and hope in what I observe happening on the local level right here in our corner of Maine, where neighbors

  • Green planning momentum powered by strong community engagement

    As part of the Ellsworth Green Planning process, the recent lively and well-attended forum on Sustainable Development focused attention on key aspects of the emerging plan as well as the significant level of public engagement. Launched in January 2017, this citizens’ initiative is creating a phased plan to make Ellsworth ‘a model green community.’  Nineteen

  • Partisanship over statesmanship for Collins

    By Hugh Bowden With what was probably the most disappointing performance of her long U.S. Senate career, Maine’s Susan Collins handed Donald Trump a big win on Oct. 6 when she voted to confirm the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to a lifetime seat on the U.S. Supreme Court. In doing so, Collins and her Republican

  • Faulkingham brings perspective, commitment

    Dear Editor: Most people know William Billy Bob Faulkingham as a local lobster fisherman, father and veteran. I was pleased to hear he is running to serve residents of House District 136 in the state Legislature because he has the perspective and commitment to stand up for our part of Maine. Tax relief, especially for

  • Kudos to Collins

    Dear Editor: At a time when heroes are increasingly defined by their defilement of democratic niceties, it is rewarding to observe the rise of Sen. Susan Collins claiming her place within the column of those who truly deserve the bestowment of this title. Refusing to bow to pressures, threats, bullying, obscene slogans and occupying protesters

  • Malaby a rare breed

    Dear Editor: Richard Malaby is a rare legislator. Term limited from the House, he is running for the open Hancock County seat in the Senate. Richard is owner and chef of the Crocker House in Hancock with a BS from Michigan and a master’s degree from Michigan State. He is running without public funding. Richard