• A message to litterbugs

    Dear Editor: A number of people walk or jog on the Punkinville Road for exercise and pleasure, myself among them. Unfortunately, the pleasure these days is increasingly marred by the amount of trash on the roadside. It’s unsightly and unhealthy. I have daily battles with my dog, who wants to eat the bits of bread

  • A sneak peek at next year’s Oscars

    Dear Editor: And here they are, folks, my nominees for next year’s Oscars. Already! Luckily, all choices for all categories are in one film! True genius! Best Ever Picture: “The Narcissists.” Best Actor: Alec Baldwin as Mr. Orange. Best Song: “Rocket Man” by Elton John. Best Supporting Actor: Red Buttons as Mines Bigger. Best Supporting

  • Graham Lake water levels concerning

    Dear Editor: As one of the many shorefront property owners on Graham Lake, I am concerned about the 30-year relicensing. Shore erosion and mud flats are the main problems for us. The old license levels are 93.4 low and 104.2 high, which is just short of 11 feet of water level variation over a 9,000-plus

  • Healthy river, healthy community

    Dear Editor: I support the position of the Downeast Salmon Federation and others in ensuring that the future of the Union River is protected in any new license issued for operating the Union River dams. Requiring dam operators to institute adequate measures such as putting systems in place to enable fish to pass up and

  • Let’s rain on Trump’s parade

    Dear Editor: What purpose will a military parade serve but to only flatter Trump’s ego. Another reality show with big guns and all, just up his alley. It’s another one of his childish tirades — my guns are bigger than yours. Ask any veterans. Would they rather watch a parade or have proper medical treatment

  • Maine needs gun control

    Dear Editor: When the Second Amendment of the Bill Rights became part of the United States Constitution, it stated the following: A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. At that period of time in our history,

  • A principled principal

    Last week’s announcement that Ellsworth Middle School Principal Jim Newett will retire at the end of June brought many people up short. He’s been the middle school principal for so long — 29 years — it’s hard to remember a time when he wasn’t. The jarring thought that someone else will fill the role next

  • An energy transition

    When one looks at a map of Maine, it is easy to see that we share most of our border with Canada. In practical terms, we are at the end of the American pipeline for energy sources shared with our neighboring states, for Maine is the most easterly state in the union. This fact creates