• American energy independence

    The United States last week became a net exporter of oil. For the first time in more than 40 years, the country made the switch from importer to exporter. Analysts say the distinction may not last this year, but the milestone might be achieved again next year or in 2020. The implications are considerable. Some

  • The Christmas table

    By Todd R. Nelson   In 11th grade shop class, I worked all fall on a dining room table. It would be a Christmas present for my parents, and a great surprise. My teacher offered me the project based on something he had seen in a woodworking design book — a butcher-block table 5 feet

  • With “T’s” crossed and “I’s” dotted, 129th Legislature prepares to get to work

    The 129th Maine Legislature convened on Dec. 5 for its organizational meeting. The list of senators certified by the secretary of state to have won election was duly “examined and reported.” A provision was made for the designation of Chaplains of the Senate, to be paid $30 for “each officiation.” A process was provided for

  • Shriners outdo themselves

    Hats off (or should we say fezzes?) to the Anah Shrine Facts & Figures Unit for another blockbuster Downeast Festival of Trees. The three-day festival, which was held over the weekend in Franklin, was proof once again that small organizations can do big things. The service at the volunteer-run event was first class from the

  • A great American

    To the Editor: With accolades pouring in from around the world, I cannot help but add a brief story about the time I spent with then-Vice President George H.W. Bush during his run for president. I had been complaining (a little too loudly it seems) that his campaign was losing traction because of his unwillingness

  • Spending more on debt than defense

    By Mark W. Hendrickson The financial health of the federal government has been deteriorating for decades. Unable to break free from our bipartisan addiction to deficit spending, the national debt has continued to rise relentlessly. This has brought us within sight of a grim milestone: the day when the interest that Americans have to pay

  • School officials tell parents to throw away the yardsticks

    By Rep. Lawrence E. Lockman Is it really “poisonous” for parents to compare student test scores in their local school district to test results in other districts across the state? I don’t think so. But then, I’m not a credentialed education professional with advanced degrees, earning $80K or $90K toiling in the government school monopoly

  • Do the math, kids

    Dear Editor: I recently received my monthly AARP magazine that included a lengthy article about the health of Social Security. As is always the case with AARP, and our politicians, they make reference to the “trust fund” being able to carry the extra load of baby boomer retirements until 2034 without any changes. Of course

  • Thought we were better than this

    Dear Editor: In the news: young men showed the Nazi salute at their prom. Our nation has a history of some discrimination, but I thought we were better than this today. My mother taught us not to be prejudiced. Also, all people are created equal, regardless of their color. I know this viewpoint is controversial.

  • The rest of the story

    Dear Editor: The Ellsworth American reported in an article on Nov. 28 titled “Oyster farm decision still draws opposition” that Caren Plank and I supported the DMR final decision for a lease in Northern Bay, Penobscot. That statement is only half true at best. Ms Plank and I do support the restrictions and denials in