• Digital bullies

    As the summer begins to wind down and kids prepare to go back to school, some students are steeling themselves for an unfortunate prospect: confronting bullies. And while bullying still happens in school hallways, locker rooms and playgrounds, kid-on-kid torment increasingly has gone digital. And bullying that happens via text, Snapchat, Instagram messaging or video

  • Support for seniors

    Roughly 2.5 million rural Americans (about 7 percent of the total rural population) report having no friends or family nearby to rely on, according to a recent poll by NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. An additional 14 million rural residents say they only have a

  • Gun mania in America

    By Hugh Bowden Just days ago, back-to-back shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, left 31 dead and 50 or more people wounded. President Donald Trump and many of his fellow Republicans sought to blame anything and everything except unrestrained access to the weapons used in committing such violence to other human beings. As

  • Time to get local about marine climate change

    By Parker Gassett On Aug. 22, the first ever Northeast Shell Day has been planned as a single-day monitoring blitz aimed to create a snapshot of coastal marine conditions. The project strives to support a network approach generating science that can lead to improving local and state decision making that addresses ocean and coastal acidification.

  • Thoughts from the trap pile

    By Pat Perry If you’re a fisherman, at some point you spend time going over your gear, ensuring it is ready to fish when needed. If you are a seasonal fisherman, as I am, that time is often during the first few sunny, warm days of spring. This past spring was challenging for a lot

  • As a nation

    Dear Editor: We in the United States, through our hard work, have built a nation that is comprised of all the peoples of the world. We stand as a refuge for those who can not live in their own countries. Here they can find solace and opportunity. Together we are strong and able. Our greatness

  • The time for “thoughts and prayers” is over

    Dear Editor: The Brady Campaign, Moms Demand Action, March for Our Lives, Everytown for Gun Safety and even Discover magazine all agree — we have a public health crisis on our hands. And like other public health crises this country has tackled, “thoughts and prayers” will not solve it. After a weekend with almost 30

  • Storm clouds on the horizon for Trump

    Dear Editor: We frequently hear paeans to the wonders of President Trump’s economic policies while denigrating the policies of his predecessor, including in this paper. The facts, however, paint a different picture. By typical economic measures such as GDP growth or jobs created you can’t see much difference between Trump and Obama. For example, in

  • The last refuge of the scoundrel

    Dear Editor:   Trump regularly hugs the American flag, yet he is incapable of embracing the American people. It is easy to hug the flag; it is difficult to defend it. It is easy to spout patriotic bromides; it is difficult to live by the ideals for which our flag stands. Bob Dole, George H.

  • A date filled with memories

    Dear Editor: Every story has a beginning, a middle and an end. Not unlike every life. We celebrate our beginnings with a birthday once a year. Our end is usually written about by someone else accompanied with a headstone or an urn. It’s that middle that clings to us as we age. Those are the

  • Trump’s strong economy

    Dear Editor: Mr. [Phil] Neal [“A false summary of the Trump economy,” Aug. 1] seems to have a problem with the facts about the U.S. economy. His assessment of the material in my commentary of July 25 is considerably off-base. The data I used for my commentary is accurate and well-documented, contrary to what Mr.