• Parents in limbo

    In order for the economy to truly reopen, students must return to school in the fall and parents must have a clear idea of what is expected of them so they can return to work. Realistic? Maybe not, given the uncertainty — and the current rise in cases — of the coronavirus pandemic. Still, school

  • Why?

    Dear Editor: Several weeks ago, there was a letter asking why individuals don’t wear masks/face covering as mandated in Executive Order No. 55 FY 19/20 issued by Governor Mills. The executive order states that wearing masks/face coverings is mandatory. There are a myriad of reason why they are not. Retail establishments have signs posted stating

  • The real story

    Dear Editor: In today’s partisan environment, a suggestion to improve television news would be to limit commentary and selective influencing of our thoughts, which would provide for more independent thought-provoking news delivery. While I appreciate occasional commentary and opinion about certain issues, television news, particularly cable news, appears consumed and borderline obsessed with presenting a

  • Thank you to the rule-followers

    Dear Editor: Thanks to all of you wonderful and responsible people who are coming to Maine to enjoy our beautiful state and who are following the rules to keep us all safe. Thanks for keeping yourselves in quarantine while you make sure that you are not bringing the COVID virus to us. There are so

  • Teachers went above and beyond

    Dear Editor: Please allow me to extend my heartfelt appreciation to the kind and caring teachers of Searsport Elementary School, who have gone out of their way to reach into the remote world of my nonverbal, autistic grandson. Their daily smiles and personal hugs brought the joy of learning to a sweet 6-year-old who blossomed

  • Riot gear ruckus an overreaction

    Dear Editor: As I understand it, Sheriff Kane put in a budget request for riot gear, and one of the commissioners in turn emailed a bunch of people about it, and they in turn got worried and emailed still others. “Riot gear” makes images of police teargassing protesters and pushing an elderly man to the

  • Mowers are for mowing

    Dear Editor: Lawn mower accidents are the leading cause of amputations for children in the United States. For children under 10, major limb loss is most commonly caused by lawn mowers. Each year, in the United States alone, 800 children are run over by lawn mowers, and about 600 of those accidents result in amputation.

  • Make a difference

    Dear Editor: As our nation spirals into a black hole of rage, fear and denial, one might be forgiven for feeling helpless. However, some old, even ancient ideas might offer us a lifeline in our struggle to ward off political and even physical collapse. People have long recognized the idea of vice and virtue and

  • Kavanaugh shows his true colors

    Dear Editor: Given the Supreme Court’s recent 5-4 ruling striking down a Louisiana abortion law requiring physicians who perform abortions to hold “active admitting privileges” at a hospital within 30 miles of their facility, Maine Sen. Susan Collins might want to take a second look in her support of Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation

  • Ignorance is not bliss

    Dear Editor: Ignorance about the science of wearing masks to protect our fellow man. Ignorance about how white privilege puts a knee on necks of Black people. Ignorance of how racism has permeated nearly all aspects of our government, institutions and communities. Ignorance of how Trump and Barr are dismantling rule of law in the

  • Foggy figuring

    Dear Editor: In regards to the letters from Ron Fortier, chairman of the Ellsworth Public Library Board of Trustees, and Dale Hamilton, chairman of the Ellsworth City Council, I found that both Mr. Fortier’s explanation of why a $100,000 budget cut would be quite harmful and Mr. Hamilton’s explanation to be quite foggy. Mr. Fortier