• An open letter to the residents of Ellsworth

    By Charles E. Hewett, Ph.D. Executive Vice President The Jackson Laboratory   To the residents of Ellsworth, The Jackson Laboratory (JAX) is excited to be opening a new facility here in Ellsworth. Many of you have already been most welcoming and your city leaders have worked hard to make our project possible. Thanks to all

  • Thanks for the parade

    Another installment of Ellsworth’s annual Christmas parade is now in the books, and odds are if you weren’t in the crowd watching it or taking part in the parade itself you were in the minority Saturday morning. Spectators began picking out spots and setting up chairs an hour or more before the parade got started

  • Elected or appointed: which is the wiser method?

    The Hancock County Commissioners recently voted for a new 2018 budget that is up 6 percent to over $8.3 million. Next week, we will address how much the county tax tab has grown over the last few years. One thing’s for sure: the oversight of your tax dollars is a serious responsibility, one that should

  • Collins shows her true colors

    Dear Editor: Sen. Collins has voted against the interests of everyone in Maine except for the 1 percent. She is no moderate. She defended her vote by saying she was promised by the GOP leadership that Medicare would not be cut. Believing that was incredibly foolish. Collins not only drank the Kool-Aid, she gulped it

  • Deeper insight needed on North Korea

    By Hugh Curran A recent article written by Marvin Ott [“The search for a silver bullet,” Ellsworth American, Nov. 30] avoids facing causative factors. His limited perspective betrays a lack of empathy or understanding about background issues involving North Korea. Although that country is being led by a paranoid young man of only 33 years

  • Roy Moore’s Supporters

    Dear Editor: Its not surprising to me the denial of alleged sexual predation perpetrated upon teenage girls and an underaged girl by Roy Moore and the support of him by white, male Alabamians, including members of the clergy who have gone further to demand investigations of the accusers. The countless references to his “Christianity” and

  • Tax reform and capital spending

    Dear Editor: As the editorial content of the EA related to tax reform has become a contested page worthy of the high school debate team, it’s gratifying to see community engagement and thoughtful tit for tat. Accordingly, recent dust-ups over usage of repatriated cash and excess capital resulting from a revised corporate tax rate have

  • Maine’s forgotten women

    Dear Editor: In the midst of all the recent reports of men behaving badly, most of the women have been media employees, actors or other “professional” women. What gets lost in this media feeding frenzy is that the same type of sexual harassment and assault occurs with women in blue collar jobs — waitresses, secretaries,