When one thinks about it, there’s a good explanation why millions of Donald Trump supporters cannot acknowledge that scarcely a day goes by when he doesn’t disgrace the office he now holds. Were they to acknowledge that disgrace, it would call into question their faulty judgment, and they simply cannot tolerate that thought. Only when he lets them down — as he inevitably will — will they admit their tragic mistake.

It’s become commonplace among such people to accept that, when members of the global news media — with few exceptions — question the lies presented daily by the Trump administration, they are presenting “fake news.” When Trump — the President of the United States — resorts to disgusting personal attacks on women who criticize him, they say he’s just showing that he’s a “fighter.” When Trump himself stands before the world and makes statements that are patently untrue, his supporters say it’s just because he’s new to the political world and doesn’t understand protocol and convention. His minions simply ignore the truth that he assesses everything that takes place in his world by how it makes him feel. If anyone is purveying “fake news,” it is this President and his mouthpieces. Trump is simply unable to accept the notion that he is not a king who can issue one command after another and expect it to be obeyed. American values — civility, decency and honor among them — have vanished within the Trump administration. And millions of his supporters are willing to accept that.

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