Randi Collins

HANCOCKOn Jan. 5, 1929, a beautiful little girl named Randi was born to Einar and Astrid Gjetrang in the little town of Sorum, Norway. Randi Collins died July 7, 2014, at her son’s house in Steuben at the age of 85.

As a youth, she endured the German occupation of Norway while her husband served as a radio man in France for the American Army. She was trained as a baby nurse and traveled, at the age of 22, to New Jersey, where she worked as a nanny. She met Edward Collins and they were married on April 20, 1957. Their son, John, was born in 1958 and another son, William, was born in 1959. She and her family lived in Roseland, N.J., and then, when her husband passed in 1990, she moved to Hancock, to be near her son, William, who lived in Steuben. In 2002, Randi was finally granted the privilege of being a grandmother when her son, William, and his wife, Susan, gave birth to their son, Bjorn. In 2004, a second grandchild, a girl named Nellie, was born. She was so proud and excited to be a grandmother.

Randi is survived by her two children, John and William, and her two grandchildren, Bjorn and Nellie.

Randi was known as a person who was always giving. Whether it was caring for a child, a dog, a house or giving cookies, Randi was most fulfilled when she could be of service to others. She will be deeply missed by those whose lives she touched.

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