Phillip Edward Gray

RANGELEY —Phillip Edward Gray died Nov. 25, 2011, at Rangeley. He was the son of Marion Goodwin and Melvin Gray.

He was the beloved partner of 46 years to Paul Schnall. His mentors were Jean and Charles Schnall of Scarsdale, N.Y. He was a brother to Linda Marshall, Molly McDougold, Marie Clough and Carl Gray; an uncle to Danielle, Michelle, and especially to Melissa O’Neil, Laura and Honora; a very special nephew, Mikel McGowan of Portland Ore.

He was a Mainer of a different generation. Kindness was his motto, but underneath a man of steel, a survivor, yet vulnerable emotionally. He was loved and respected by many and he was instrumental in starting the first Gay AA here in Ellsworth. He will be missed.

Know when to pay your respects.