Marie Eloise Randolph



Marie E. Randolph, 72, passed away at her home in Sedgwick after battling pancreatic cancer. She is a survivor of ovarian cancer, 1980, and thyroid cancer, 2017. Unfortunately, it was the radiation received in 1980 for ovarian cancer that ultimately caused the thyroid and pancreatic cancers. Marie was born in Manhattan, N.Y., on Dec. 27, 1947, to Anthony deBrito and A. Teresa Arroyos deBrito, both deceased.

Marie grew up in the towns of Ashland, Holliston and Framingham, Mass., attending St. Stephen’s and graduating in 1965 from Holliston High School. An avid reader and debater, Marie was a member of the debate club at Holliston High School and was active in drama and musicals. Always intrepid and loving fast cars, Marie raced 67 GTOs quarter mile at Epping, N.H., when she was young. Marie worked in export both for Cramer Electronics, formerly of Newton, Mass., and New England Nuclear formerly of Boston, Mass., where she exported radioactive materials for research. She holds a BA from American University and taught pre-school at Chanticleer Nursery in Holliston, Mass. She established an early childhood library for over 300 kindergarten children and began adult evening classes at the American School Foundation in Mexico City, Mexico. Marie worked as an early childhood teacher at the International College Spain in Madrid, Spain, and assisted her husband in the Registry and Deputy Director’s Office at that same school. She played a significant role alongside her husband making major improvements to the entire school as well as assisting him in designing and building a new campus for the Casablanca American School in Casablanca, Morocco, where she most recently lived.

Besides spending almost 44 years living and extensively traveling abroad, Marie and John have lived in Brockton, Mass., Rockland, Mass., Plymouth, Mass., and Alexandria, Va., eventually settling in Sedgwick where they have been building their dream home a little at a time.

A deeply thoughtful, steadfastly loyal, fair and spiritual person who respected and accepted everyone, Marie has touched the lives of hundreds of relatives, students, friends and acquaintances everywhere she traveled. She was devoted to her dogs, Frodo and Roxie. An excellent and probing questioner, Marie was never one to back down or avoid confrontation and would seek and doggedly pursue truth and logic in any argument. Marie was a modest person who treated everyone the same and stood up for the poor and unfortunate amongst us. She was a staunch supporter of civil rights, women’s rights, animal rights and the environment. She never preached, but always led by example. She is largely self-taught, constantly reading nonfiction, maps and history books, both world and U.S. She had an artistic nature and possessed an eye for art of all kinds and was a serious old movie buff. She loved classical, folk, protest, blues, rock and roll and hard rock music and African-American prison work songs. A self-taught cook who prepared all kinds of wonderful dishes from Mexican, Russian, Lebanese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, French and many others, she loved cooking for friends and family and put on sit-down Thanksgiving dinners for well over 100 members of staff at the Casablanca American School each year.

Marie is survived by her adoring brother, Anthony deBrito, of Arlington, Mass., and devoted husband of 50 years, John J. Randolph, of Sedgwick and was predeceased by many aunts and uncles, and survived by scores of cousins, nephews, nieces and grandnieces and nephews of the deBrito family of Framingham, the Robelen related extended families of Long Island, N.Y., and Washington, D.C.; the Garvey families of New York and Boston; the Yanda families of Staten Island, N.Y., and Florida; the Scotti family of New Jersey; her late aunt and uncle Julia (deBrito) and Ralphael delAguila; related extended families of New York, New Jersey, Florida and Pennsylvania; her beloved mother-in-law and matriach, Artrelle Randolph, and the Randolph related extended families, and Paul-Jones families of Boston, Virginia, Florida, California, Washington state, Georgia and Maryland; the Attaya related extended families of Maryland; the Foster related extended families of South Carolina, Washington, D.C., and Maryland; the Henry family of New Jersey and countless national and international friends, colleagues and former students.