Lee Leach

East Blue Hill

December 29, 1932 – June 3, 2022

How do you sum up almost 90 years of life in a few words. I asked Lee what she wanted me to say when we had the difficult conversation about what I might need to know since she was almost 90. She said dying was not her idea and she still had stuff left to do, but, if it had to be done, she wanted it to be a surprise.

So here it is. Lee was stubborn. More so than I ever realized growing up, but it got her through almost 90 years. She was smart, earning her bachelor’s in teaching at USM and then going to NYU for her master’s in history. She made her way through school by waitressing and bartending. She had great stories about bartending down on the docks in New York City during the ’50s. She loved history. She was very involved in a photography project of the history of East Blue Hill. She believed in honoring the people who came before and those still here, and the place she called home for over 70 years. She was kind, always trying to have good things to say about everyone. She was passionate about the causes closest to her heart, and she worked to support those causes. She was opinionated but she believed in respectful discourse. She believed in hard work. She taught school for many years, leaving when her husband passed away. She then worked at Mr. Paperback bookstore.

In the last 30 or so years of her life, she worked as librarian for the East Blue Hill Library and at the East Blue Hill post office until this last year when she was forced to retire due to her health. She taught her three children that life owes you nothing. You have to work hard for what you want. That sometimes staying silent is the best course of action. That respect for others is essential to getting respect in return. That kindness is not optional and that dictating others’ lives or opinions is not our job.

Her one request was that we express that she loved this place and the people here. Whether she knew you for a short time or knew you, your parents and grandparents, she loved that you touched her life in some way. She leaves behind her “baby” boy Breton, who was always her baby, his wife, Audrey, and their children Jacob, Emmett and Tessa; her “favorite” son Duncan, his wife, Jodi, who she said she was keeping if there were ever a divorce, and their children, Chelsi, her partner Chase and her children Bentley and Bayleigh and Josh, his wife, Erin, and their daughter Bella, who great-grandma was so grateful to have gotten to meet. Lastly, her first born and a thorn in her side, her daughter Amanda and her children Mattea and Mara, who she was so proud of and who helped care for her this last year of her life with love. She also leaves behind many special friends from the village who visited, brought food, coffee and friendship.

She was predeceased by her husband, Richard, her mother and father, Laura and Warren, her sister Anne, her best friend Barbara, a very special niece, Susan, and a special friend Marilyn. The family wishes to thank Northern Light Hospice for their support during this difficult time. Chrissy, we can’t thank you enough for the care you provided for her. Donations in Lee’s memory can be made to the East Blue Hill Village Improvement Association or to the East Blue Hill Library Association. We love you, NanGram.

Know when to pay your respects.