John-Michael Christopher Boucar


John-Michael Christopher Boucar died unexpectedly on April 14, 2020. He was born on Sept. 8, 1987, to Mary and Peter Boucar.

John Michael was truly a loving soul. He was and has always been a family man. His family always came first, whether that be his given family or the family he chose. He was an amazing father who was more than dedicated to his boys. He was a devoted son, brother and partner, as well as a true friend to many. John-Michael was fun-loving and free-spirited. He was always smiling, laughing or making someone else laugh. Whenever he saw someone was upset, he would try his hardest to distract them or make them feel better. He loved hanging out with buddies at the Sullivan Quarry and doing backflips off “Reefer.” He loved to push life to the limits. His passion for skateboarding was no mystery. John learned early on that skateboarding and music were outlets for his emotions. When having a rough time, he would blast his speaker box, and rip it up on his board. He was well known for his wild tricks, hard spills, shaking it off and carrying on. He was part of a special group referred to as “Ominous Eternal.” John-Michael was often seen in person and in pictures proudly gesturing the deuce five symbol. John was so proud of himself and his buddies’ accomplishments in raising money to build the Sullivan Skate Park in 2003.  His goal was to inspire kids to skate by expanding the park. John-Michael would be so honored that the town has decided the skatepark will be named in memory of him. He was proud that Sullivan was his home and this skatepark the heart of that for him.

John-Michael was true to himself. His heart burned so passionately for the things and people he loved: music, the ocean, his children, family and friends. He made friends everywhere he went. True friendships are hard to find, and he was lucky to have found so many in his short time on Earth. His heart was infinitely large. If John-Michael loved and cared for you, then he was there for you no matter what! John was a determined man; if he wanted something, he would figure out how to, and he accomplished it. He enjoyed his job oyster-diving immensely, while at the same time providing for his kids. John-Michael always loved the ocean. He felt most at peace when he was down under the water with the sea life, one with the powerful Atlantic.

John-Michael is survived by his mother Mary Boucar; his two sons Declan Marcus Wayne Boucar and Kohltyn-John Jeffery Boucar; his partner Amelia Clark, and her son Greyson Buzzell, lovingly referred to as his stepson; his brother David Briggs and his children Penelope and Corban; uncles Richard Drost, Jimmy Drost, Jack Drost and Christopher Boucar; cousin Chris Boucar and his two kids Hannah and Carmen; grandmother Meredith Hicks-Moon; and his loyal dog Blaze.

John-Michael was predeceased by his father, Peter Boucar, daughter Cora Bernice-Lorene Boucar as well as several friends and family who were precious; he loved them all dearly. His grandmother Bernice S. Knowlton and grandfather Jack R. Drost (Gramp) had a big, positive impact on his life. He always spoke so fondly of them. John-Michael is sadly, for us, now reunited with them all, including his dog Buster, who was a loyal companion to John through his childhood.

John-Michael was a downright dynamite dude whose love knew no bounds. He yearned for all things uniquely beautiful. He was a small-town skater boy from Sullivan whose love reached all over New England. It is amazing how many lives he touched in his short time here. John-Michael will be so missed every day by his partner, friends and family. He was so special and unique. He definitely made his mark on this world that can never be matched. John-Michael Christopher Boucar is simply irreplaceable. His memory will be kept alive and strong for his precious, beloved boys.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    There will be a celebration of life for John-Michael sometime this summer. For anyone who was friends with John-Michael, we have a Facebook page, “The Life and times of JMCB.” Check on there for information relating to his celebration of life.