Dr. Julie Gylfe


Dr. Julie Gylfe, 96, passed away on March 17, 2020, at the Parker Ridge Retirement Community, where she had been a longtime resident. Born Sept. 16, 1923, in Berwyn, Ill., to Mildred and Fred Gylfe, she attended high school in Berwyn, then graduated with a BS from Cornell College in Iowa, and ultimately an MS and MD from University of Illinois Medical School in 1950. She completed residencies in Philadelphia and London and practiced as a neurologist for 30-plus years in the Philadelphia area before relocating to Prospect Harbor, where she continued to serve the Downeast community as one of the area’s only neurologists at the time until her full retirement in 1993. She resided in Prospect Harbor for nearly 20 years, relocating to Blue Hill, where she lived in the village before moving to Parker Ridge.

Commitment and passion are often seen as two ends of a spectrum, but they ably describe how Julie delved into her many interests during her time in retirement in Maine – she approached everything from horse racing to classical music to boat building with a bias toward learning, admiration of craftmanship, understanding of dedication and always an allowance for the pure enjoyment of the art, sport or pastime. While Julie had always led during her life – whether as an outstanding scholar (one of only three women in her medical school class) or creator of fundraising drives for key initiatives – she did so with a matter-of-factness and no need for the spotlight. She had a dry sense of humor and was intensely curious, a world traveler and in possession of an excellent memory, often remembering and celebrating milestones in both her lifelong friends and many acquaintances’ lives (as well as their extended families) well beyond the initial mention of any particular event. Most particularly, she loved her cats, Cleo and Vincent, her books and music and was a proud supporter of the Blue Hill Library during her time in the town.

She was preceded in death by her parents and brother and sister-in-law (Carl and Mary), and leaves a lifetime of memories, lessons and stories with her grateful nieces and nephew, Patty, David and Suzanne Gylfe. No services are planned, but if anyone wishes to celebrate her memory, please buy local or donate to your local library.