Arron Snow Brooks


On Feb. 18, Arron left us to embark on his own journey, leaving family and friends to miss him greatly.

Arron should be remembered for his winning smile and lovable personality; he was a born salesman and his charm and friendliness was immediately apparent. Talented and intelligent, he was able to succeed in nearly everything he undertook, but his sense of adventure and a need to walk on the wild side sometimes led him to move away from the humdrum life searching for new places and opportunities.

Arron had a great love for fast cars and Harleys; he even took flying lessons to pilot helicopters. Arron loved new places and at various times lived in North Carolina, Florida, Missouri and North Dakota as well as his beloved Maine. He was never afraid of change and new challenges. Even after having his leg amputated this last year, he was still looking forward to school and a new future.

Arron is survived by his mother, Deborah Pease of Columbia Falls; father, Wade Purington of Hermon; sister, best friend and confidant Brandy Brooks Atcherson; and grandmother, Sheila Brookman of Whitneyville. Also surviving are uncles Frank, Billy, Mike and Patrick and aunts Sarina and Melissa. He got close to his nephews and niece Domonic, Alex, Conner and Kendall.

True to his beliefs in Valhalla and the Viking way, a Viking service will be held on Cape Split Beach in Addison at 1 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 8.

Know when to pay your respects.