Andrew W. Lehto

Blue Hill

On Aug. 22, 2022, at the all too young age of 46, Andrew passed away unexpectedly, succumbing to a heart attack. Born on Nov. 27, 1975, in Blue Hill, Andrew lived, worked and thrived in Downeast Maine his entire life. He grew up hiking in Acadia National Park, where he cut his teeth on the beauty of nature, and his passion for outdoor adventures was born.

Andrew’s creative energy and innate skills in the building arts led him to a lifelong career in timber framing, carpentry and general contracting. So many of Andrew’s superbly crafted homes and other structures will survive him for many generations, with his spirit continuing to touch lives, including many who will never have known him.

Andrew’s passion for life poured forth in seemingly countless ways. He loved his children, Naaki and Theron, and stepson Solomon, deeply, and beyond measure. He shared with them all of the things he loved about life, while inspiring them to find and pursue their own unique paths. He was a generous and loyal friend, through thick and thin. Andrew helped others to navigate their own life paths during challenging times, and he loved celebrating life with them during the better times. Music, creative writing, cooking (especially on the grill) and so many other forms of art that encompass a creative and expressive life were Andrew’s harbor.

Andrew’s most lasting impression will be that of a vibrant dreamer. He was never afraid to pursue those things that others believed to be out of reach and encouraged those around him to do the same. May the fires of Andrew’s dreams continue to light the flame for those still here, letting his dreams burn brightly forever.

Andrew will be remembered with love, and greatly missed, by his mother, Ellen Lehto; father, George Lehto; daughter, Naaki Lehto; son, Theron Lehto; life partner, Kasha Haggarty; and stepson, Solomon Haggarty; aunt and uncle, Valerie and Allan Mitchell; aunt, Grace Lehto; cousin, Chuck Lehto; former wife, Nisa Smiley; and countless friends, loved ones, and extended family. There will be a celebration of life service on Sunday, Oct. 2, in Brooksville. Please email [email protected] for more info.

The old spruce leans to the west, challenged by the young maple, fierce youth, spindly and stagger limbed … so naive and impatient. Doesn’t it know that winter is coming, heavy snow, burdening ice, foolish deciduous, naked and blushing in the cold nights. Enjoy fall in all its splendor, I’ll be looked upon all my own as soon as your colors fade away to the crusty frozen ground. I am Evergreen…. Written by Andrew Lehto, 2014.


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