Greenville Rescue

Game Warden Matthew Tenan assists a 2-year-old-boy off a snowmobile after a group became stranded on Moosehead Lake.

GREENVILLE A couple and two young children who became stranded on the ice on Moosehead Lake during a severe winter storm were rescued late March 14 by a group of Maine and Passamaquoddy game warden trainees who were training in the area.

Ruby Goodmen, 31, of Greenville and Joseph Wentworth, 32, of Orland were out on Moosehead Lake ice fishing with two children, ages 5 and 2, and their dog, when the weather started to worsen. One of the children was already wet, so the pair decided that Goodmen would head home with the wet 5-year-old and the dog, while Wentworth picked up their ice fishing gear. He then planned to head back with his 2-year-old, and catch up with them, according to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife.