Youth Group Contribution Generates Discussion in Brooklin

BROOKLIN — Brooklin residents approved spending just over $2 million for municipal and school spending at the annual Brooklin Town Meeting Saturday.

Voters authorized approximately $426,524 in municipal spending and another $1,638,491 for school spending.


Much discussion concerned how much money to appropriate for the Brooklin Youth Corps.

The youth corps was formed in 1997 to provide summer jobs for teenagers. Members of the group do public service projects for the town and are hired by homeowners to tackle chores such as painting, raking and weeding gardens.

Voters had approved allocating $8,000 in the current budget year for the program.

The Board of Selectmen had recommended appropriating $4,500 for the upcoming budget year.

Resident Ellen Booraem, who is president of the Brooklin Youth Corps Steering Committee, motioned to reduce the appropriation to $500.

Booraem said thanks to a $2,000 grant, sales from a farm stand and an organized bottle drive last summer, the organization had an adequate financial “buffer.”

Also, there aren’t as many youths participating this summer, so only one van will be needed to operate the program, she said.

“They seem to be finding other things to do and that’s a good thing,” Booraem said.

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