Wireless Ordinance Changes Criticized

BAR HARBOR — A proposal by town councilors to reduce the role of Acadia National Park in the siting of cell phone towers here was met with resistance by planning board members and residents on May 4.

Another council proposal, which would ask voters to ratify the town’s Appendix C table of uses, also was criticized. Both proposed ordinance amendments, as well as several others slated for a November vote, will be the subject of a public hearing before the planning board on Wednesday, May 18.


Under the council’s direction, the language granting Acadia special status would be removed in an amended cell tower ordinance to be voted on in November. The amended ordinance also would make cell phone towers a conditional use in certain neighborhoods, as opposed to a straightforward “allowed” use, and would remove the current 1,500 foot setback from schools.

“I think that it’s a little bit irresponsible of us to essentially snub our noses at Acadia National Park,” planning board member Peter Hastings said. “That seems a little narrow-sighted to me.”

Two of the three other members of the board said that they agreed with Mr. Hastings. Member Perry Moore said he would support the council’s decision, if only to keep communication between the two bodies on an even keel.

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