Volunteers needed for Beech Hill Pond survey

OTIS — Volunteers and partners are needed to complete a new watershed survey of Beech Hill Pond to aid in continued efforts to protect and maintain the current water quality of this lake.

An informational meeting will be held Saturday, July 17, from 11 a.m. to noon at the Otis Baptist Church at 469 Otis Road. The meeting will immediately follow the Beech Hill Pond Lake Association’s annual meeting (nonmembers welcome). This informational meeting will include partners from the lake association, Hancock County Soil and Water Conservation District, the town of Otis and other stakeholders.

Outcomes of the survey include identifying areas on roads or private land that can be improved to reduce water runoff pollution.

Completion of the survey is the first step required to apply for a Maine DEP 319 grant. These grants typically match local contributions and provide the technical assistance to address and remediate problem sites. The last survey, conducted 10 years ago, and subsequent DEP 319 grants issued, resulted in 21 road and 17 residential sites being improved and over 500 feet of shoreline being stabilized.

Lake residents and surrounding community members are encouraged to participate in the survey to facilitate improvement projects through donations and volunteering. Local business and charitable organization support is also needed as partners. For the last DEP grant, over $117,000 in matching funds were provided from the community.

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