Tax Liens Levied on 11 Properties

MOUNT DESERT — The town will foreclose on 11 properties Feb. 23, 2010 unless the owners pay their outstanding real estate tax bills by then.


Liens were placed on the properties in August 2008 for tax delinquencies from the 2007 tax year. By state law, a municipality may foreclose on a property and take title to it after a lien has been in effect for 18 months.

A lien can be placed on a property every year that taxes aren’t paid. Currently there are 50 liens on the 11 properties at risk of foreclosure for outstanding taxes. The taxes owed on those properties total $78,440. The town also charges 8 percent annual interest on delinquent taxes.

Finance director John Graves told the selectmen last week that the town has four options for dealing with outstanding taxes once a lien has been in place for 18 months.

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