Suspected Home Invasion a Matter of Miscommunication

GOULDSBORO — What a frightened Sullivan woman thought was a home invasion March 9 turned out to be a friend of her boyfriend who was in the house to get some things for the boyfriend.

Police said the boyfriend told the man he could enter the house and neither expected anyone to be home. When the woman emerged from the shower she found the man going through a closet in her dining room and asked him what he was doing.

No charges were filed.

Hang up Call and Warning

Police were alerted to a 911 hang-up call on West Bay Road March 8. When they arrived the homeowner told them her 5-year-old son had been trying to call his grandmother and either dropped or threw the phone down when he couldn’t reach her. She said her cordless telephone automatically dials 911 if the telephone is dropped or left off the hook.

Police told her to keep better control of her son, and the telephone, or the county dispatching service, Hancock County Regional Communications, could press charges for abuse of the 911 system.

Syringes in Parking Lot

Police received a call March 8 from Young’s Market on Route 1. It was reported that a young woman customer noticed two medical syringes laying on the ground next to an orange cap when she got out of her car. A Young’s Market employee put the syringes in an empty and rinsed drink container and police said they would take the syringes to the Gouldsboro Clinic for disposal.

Police said the syringes were probably buried under the snow where it had piled up during plowing. Police looked for other syringes but didn’t find any. Laying beside the syringes was a motor vehicle insurance card, but police didn’t know if the person on the card had anything to do with the syringes.

Child Standing in Front Seat

Police received a call from the sheriff’s office in Washington County alerting them about a green Ford Explorer heading south on Route 1 with a small child standing in the front seat of the vehicle. The child did not appear to be in a child’s seat or buckled in, police said. Police were on other calls and looked later, but did not see the vehicle.

Domestic Call

Police were called to assist Hancock County Sheriff’s Office in a domestic dispute in Sullivan March 8 because of the number of people in the home. Two units from the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office responded and found an 18-year-old woman had locked herself in a bathroom and that there were many women and a man in the kitchen.

While deputies interviewed the woman, Gouldsboro police were asked to take digital photos of the woman pointing to areas where she said she had been assaulted.


A Gouldsboro man called police March 7 to report the theft of a wood splitter, a clutch, and a Hitachi grinder from his property. He told police the wood splitter had been covered with a tarp at the front of his house, and the new clutch and grinder were in his barn, which he had left open in order to help dry the wood inside.

He told police he was alerted by his dog barking and walked outside with his shotgun thinking a fox was attacking his llamas.

Car Rollover

Police responded to a report March 1 about a vehicle that had rolled over on Tunk Lake Road in Sullivan March 1. The report stated that no one was moving in or out of the vehicle. When police arrived the driver told them no one was injured. The car was blocking one lane of traffic, so police stayed to help with traffic control until the vehicle was removed from the roadway.

Tenant Evicted

An Ellsworth man called police March 1 saying that he was having difficulty getting a tenant to move out of a house he owns in Gouldsboro. He said when he went to the house the front door was open, there was garbage strewn about the yard, and there was furniture in the home, although the renter, her young son and her dogs and birds were not present.

He said the tenant had repeatedly ignored his telephone calls, letters, and visits to the house.

The tenant called police the same day saying she had been locked out of the house and needed to get inside to get medication for her 5-year-old daughter. The man agreed to leave a key at the Ellsworth police station and she promised to be out of the house by the end of the day March 4.

For more details pick up a copy of The Ellsworth American.

Nicole Ouellette

Nicole Ouellette

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