“Brenda’s” is among Stonington artist Jill Hoy’s paintings on view through November at the Wine Cellar Art Gallery in Ellsworth. Sorrento painter Kathleen Noyes is the other featured artist.

Sorrento, Stonington painters focus of show

ELLSWORTH — Stonington and Sorrento painters Jill Hoy and Kathleen Noyes are the upcoming featured artists at a show opening Friday, Nov. 4, at the Wine Cellar Art Gallery. That day, a reception will be held from 5 to 7 p.m. to introduce the artists.

Located downstairs at John Edwards Market, the gallery’s opening reception will be paired with a wine tasting from the store’s wide-ranging selection.

Hoy, who divides her time between homes in Stonington, Somerville, Mass., and New York City, is inspired by direct observation of the landscape and seascapes, architecture, and gardens are among her subjects.

A plein-air painter, Hoy is especially interested in the effects of natural light, color and pattern. Her use of vivid color in the Maine paintings results in surfaces that are richly and intensely painted so that images seem to vibrate. She considers the quality of light to be an important element in her work.

“The light in Maine is crystal clear, with a sharp-edged clarity and a gem-like quality,” she says. “I often work in the morning or late afternoon when these qualities are especially strong.”

Because she’s been a regular resident of the Deer Isle area since 1965, much of Jill’s work can be seen as a document of places and time in the area.

As an artist, Kathleen Noyes explores the dynamic of innocence and darkness in human life through her figurative work. There is always a certain, deeply held dark knowledge behind the new eyes and expression of wonder in her figures. The interplay of the light and shadow side of consciousness is expressed at once in her human forms.

Noyes’ intention is for the viewer to feel but have trouble naming what the subject feels. She leaves it to the audience to interpret the significance of emotion in her work.

In creating her collage and mixed media abstracts, Kathleen likens the process to experiencing the spontaneous and serendipitous happenings in life; the unforeseen materializes as she cements the pieces together.

This show will run through November. For more info, call 667-9377 or visit johnedwardsmarket.com.

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