PUC Approves Verso Energy Contract

BUCKSPORT — The Maine Public Utilities Commission (PUC) last week approved a long-term energy supply contract with Verso Paper that will support the Bucksport mill’s increased use of biomass fuel.


The five-year contract for the sale of renewable energy credits and energy capacity will be negotiated with Central Maine Power Co., according to a PUC press release. The contract will help fund the planned conversion of the No. 8 boiler at the mill.

Verso spokesman Bill Cohen said the equipment is now a multifuel boiler that burns “lots of whatever’s cheapest,” including biomass and fossil fuels.

The conversion would make biomass the primary fuel source. The mill would burn more of its current biomass source, wood slash. Slash is leftover wood product not used in the lumber or pulp and paper industry.

Cohen said the mill will sell electricity on the grid once the conversion is complete.

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