Parkman Parking Under Review

MOUNT DESERT — The parking situation at Parkman Mountain in Acadia National Park is getting as sticky as fresh blacktop on a hot summer day.


Some town officials see the parking situation at the crowded lot, where cars often line both sides of the state highway, as an accident waiting to happen, while residents and visitors don’t want to lose easy access to the popular trailhead.

Selectman have scheduled a public hearing for Monday, Aug. 17, to discuss a proposal made by planning board chairman Jim Bright that would ban parking at the trailhead 60 feet down the north side of the entrance to the parking lot and 200 feet south of it. Parking on the opposite side of the road would be prohibited for 600 feet. The proposal was made to ensure the safety of motorists using the trailhead parking, said town manager Mike MacDonald. He witnessed a near accident between a truck coming over the hill and a motorist attempting to park a vehicle on the road by the trailhead Monday when he went over to inspect the lot, he said.


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