Northeast Harbor IOD Fleet to Host Championships

MOUNT DESERT — Local International One Design (IOD) racers will have a chance to face the some of the top sailors in the class this summer when the Northeast Harbor Fleet (NEHF) hosts the North American IOD championships July 29-Aug. 1.

The NEHF will be the hotspot of IOD activity once again when it hosts the IOD world championships in 2010.

In addition to Northeast Harbor, seven fleets are eligible for the North American championships — Bermuda; Larchmont and Fishers Island, N.Y.; Marblehead and Nantucket, Mass.; San Francisco and the newest IOD fleet, Chester, Nova Scotia.

“Assuming everybody sends one crew there would be eight boats,” said Alessandro Vitelli, a member of the NEHF on organizing committee for the North American championships.

Charlie Van Voorhis of the Fishers Island fleet is the defending 2008 IOD North American champion.

The original IOD was conceived in 1936 in the United States by Cornelius “Corny” Shields. A sailing superstar, Shields wanted a racing vessel that eliminated both the high costs of sailing and the unfair advantage of dissimilar designs.

While in Bermuda Shields saw the 6-meter boat Saga, a 37½-foot vessel built by Bjarne Aas of Norway. Shields contacted Aas with plans for a smaller, more comfortable and cheaper design of his own and the first 33-foot IOD came to life.

The first IOD fleet was established on Long Island Sound in 1936. Now, there are now 11 IOD fleets racing around the world.

A lot of organization is needed to put on an event of this magnitude. One thing on the plate of event organizers is arranging the accommodations for the visiting crews.

“The IOD community is a very friendly thing,” Vitelli said. “We always house the visiting crews. We will ask members or local people to put up the visiting crews.”

A big part of most sailing regattas is the social side. An outside event coordinator will be brought in to handle this aspect of the championships so the NEHF can focus on running the actual event.

Because the IOD North American Championships rotate through each fleet every eight years and the IOD World championships rotate every 11 years it is rare that one fleet gets to host these events back to back, as is the case for the Northeast Harbor IOD fleet.

Schoeder is glad to open the doors to Downeast Maine to other IOD sailors.

“It is a great opportunity to share Mount Desert Island with other sailors who love these boats and to sail in one of the most beautiful places in the world.”


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Nicole Ouellette

Nicole Ouellette

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