More Dredging, Floats Proposed

TREMONT — The federal dredging of Bass Harbor has spurred proposals for expanding facilities at two commercial businesses on the waterfront.


Michael Radcliffe of F. W. Thurston and Company and Kim Strauss of Little Island Marine have filed separate applications for Natural Resource Protection Act permits to dredge and add floats at their businesses.

F. W. Thurston is on the western shore of Bass Harbor, just south of the town wharf in Bernard. Little Harbor Marine is on the eastern shore of the harbor, just north of the C. H. Rich wharf.

According to Mr. Radcliffe’s permit application, he is proposing to add two 12-foot by 15-foot floats and connect them with an existing pier by a 36-foot-long ramp. He also proposes to dredge about 450 cubic yards of material from around the floats to allow access at all tides.

In his application, Mr. Strauss proposes to replace an existing float system with a series of floats organized into a system of slips capable of accommodating up to six boats and several dinghies. The new float system would consist of two 8-foot by 20-foot finger floats, four 6-foot by 20-foot finger floats, two 6-foot by 15-foot floats, one 6-foot by 20-foot float, one 10-foot by 20-foot float and a 50-foot ramp. He also proposes to dredge about 1,500 cubic yards of material from the area near these floats to improve access.

With both projects, the dredging would be concurrent with the federal dredging project and the material removed would be disposed of at the same deepwater site to be used for the federal dredging.

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