Missing 8-year-old Found Safe

GOULDSBORO — Police received a call about a missing 8-year-old girl March 10, but it turned out she was spending the night with another family.

Police said they received a call from a man in the village of Birch Harbor who said his stepdaughter was missing. Police said upon arrival they found the man was intoxicated, confused and staggering around.

The man told police the girl had been missing for a half-hour, and later said three hours. He also said he didn’t know where her mother was at the moment. Police asked if he had searched the house, which he said he had, and then he offered to let police look as well, which they did.

The girl was reported to be wearing a multicolored sweater, jeans and pink and white boots.

Two deputies from the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office arrived to assist, as did a Winter Harbor police officer and another Gouldsboro police officer. The warden service was requested and put on standby in case a search was needed.

Then a man stopped by and said he had taken the girl’s mother to a lounge in Ellsworth, where police were asked to contact her. The mother told police another woman had picked up her daughter and that the girl was staying with that family in Gouldsboro.

Police went to the house and confirmed the girl was at the house.

Police said they contacted the Department of Health and Human Services about the matter.

Missing Youth

Sheriffs’ offices in Washington and Hancock counties alerted local police to look for a 13-year-old boy missing from his home and believed to be walking along Route 1 in Gouldsboro. Police checked Route 1 between the Sullivan line and the Steuben post office but did not see the youth. They also checked Young’s Market in Gouldsboro and the store clerks said they had not seen the boy.

Burglar Alarm

An alarm sounded at a Schieffelin Point Road home March 14 and the caretaker asked that police contact him. The caretaker was inside when police called and said nothing appeared to be disturbed and that he had checked all the doors and windows. He said a motion sensor in the library had been triggered.

Police asked if the house was heated. When told it wasn’t, police told the caretaker the sensor could have been triggered by the cold or sun heating up the air, causing movement and setting off the alarm.

Medical Call

Police went to a home on Grand Marsh Bay March 12 to assist the Fire Department in responding to a medical call. Police cautioned the firefighters that the driveway was likely very icy and went ahead to check the driveway. Police remained on the scene to assist the Fire Department as requested.

Car Driving Wildly

A report of a black sport utility vehicle driving erratically and headed south on Route 1 was received by police on March 12. Police spotted a black SUV in Gouldsboro that was headed south and observed the vehicle from a distance.

They then stopped the vehicle and asked the driver if he had been following another car too closely, or making unsafe passes of other vehicles. The driver said he and his wife were headed to Ellsworth and had not been driving erratically, nor using a cell phone while driving.

Without a registration number, police said, it was impossible to tell if it was the same vehicle that had been reported earlier.

Nicole Ouellette

Nicole Ouellette

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