Medical Marijuana Dispenser Scouts Ellsworth Locations

ELLSWORTH — You can do most anything in Ellsworth — get married, have a baby, buy a car, go out to dinner, see a show, have a manicure.


Soon you might be able to buy your medical marijuana here, too.

Primary Organic Therapy, or POT, which had named the Washington County town of Whitneyville as the location for its medical marijuana dispensary, is now looking for locations in Ellsworth.

POT, which was awarded a contract to provide medical marijuana to registered patients in Hancock and Washington counties, visited city officials on Monday.

POT representatives talked with both Ellsworth Police Chief John DeLeo and City Planner Michele Gagnon.

“I identified the two locations that other applicants had identified as potential sites — the old NAPA building and Granville Rental,” DeLeo said. “We spoke about the security of the retail location, however no specific plans had been developed, as the location had not yet been determined.”

The chief said Primary Organic advised the marijuana growing facility would remain in Sanford, where the organization’s botanist resides. The organization foresees that there would be more retail locations in the future, so it would be supplying more than sites in Whitneyville and Ellsworth, he said.

DeLeo said, “It seems foolish for the state to grade on location and then allow them to put up shop 70 miles away.”

Ellsworth’s Medical Marijuana Moratorium Update

The city of Ellsworth’s moratorium on applications for medical marijuana dispensaries expires Jan. 5, 2011. The city is nearly finished drafting amendments to its Land Use Ordinance for appropriate siting of a medical marijuana clinic in the city.

City Planner Michele Gagnon said she plans to present the amendments to the Planning Board and City Council in December. The Planning Board can send a letter to the council recommending the changes or not or make no recommendation at all.

The planner said what the committee and staff would most likely propose to the council is that a dispensary could be located in commercial retail and service zone, industrial zone or light industrial, wholesale and transportation zone. This means the dispensary could be located on High Street or the Industrial Park, among other locations.

The city will propose to the council that the dispensary be located in a stand-alone building, Gagnon said. The building can’t be mixed use or shared with other tenants, she said.

The amendment also includes language for licensing and permitting so that a dispensary needs to renew a license with the city annually.

“Licensing is a yearly approval, so if something really goes wrong, that’s where you catch it,” the planner said.


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