Maine Street Mile Results

  1. Andy Beardsley, M45, Surry, ME, 4:26.76, In memory of J.H Beardsley
  2. Ben Chapman, M17, Ellsworth, ME, 4:31.85, In memory of Mildred McLain
  3. Jeremiah Roper, M18, Bangor, ME, 4:42.83, In memory of Vicki
  4. Blake Pattengale, M15, Ellsworth, ME, 4:47.92, In memory of Jimmy Garrett
  5. JD Doe  Jr, M18, Ellsworth, ME, 4:52.89, In memory of MLK
  6. Drew Barkhouse, M16, Ellsworth, ME, 4:56.11, In memory of Nini
  7. Michael Philippon, M16, Ellsworth, ME, 4:58.98, In memory of Rosario Philippon
  8. Yanos Millay, M19, Ellsworth, ME, 5:00.47, In memory of Martin Luther King Jr.
  9. Rob Shea, M36, Ellsworth, ME, 5:06.45, In memory of Margaret Davis
  10. Alexander Keefe, M17, Ellsworth, ME, 5:07.71, In memory of Claude Russenberger
  11. Tyler Beardsley, M14, Surry, ME, 5:09.00, In memory of Margaret Beardsley
  12. Caroline Webster, W19, Ellsworth, ME, 5:10.21, In memory of Grandpa
  13. Brianne Dunn, W16, Ellsworth, ME, 5:11.09, In memory of Charlotte Clemons
  14. Warren Hughes, M40, Ellsworth, ME, 5:13.28, In memory of Warrne Hughes
  15. Robert Jordan, M49, Ellsworth, ME, 5:17.58, In memory of Glenn C. Jordan
  16. Shannon Horton, W32, Trenton, ME, 5:27.54, In memory of Fred Merriam
  17. David Rassne-Lange, M17, Ellsworth, ME, 5:32.79, In memory of Albert Werdenbusch
  18. Jeffrey Bruce, M49, Birch Harbor, ME, 5:36.59, In memory of Don Bruce
  19. Hayley White, W16, Lamoine, ME, 5:38.30, In memory of Linda White
  20. Tom Kirby, M52, Ellsworth, ME, 5:38.74, In memory of Bill Pinkham
  21. Steve Joy, M56, Ellsworth, ME, 5:39.59, In memory of Hale & Eleanor Joy
  22. Ben Avery, M17, Blue Hill, ME, 5:40.84, In memory of Casper Sargent
  23. Darien Lewis, W16, Ellsworth, ME, 5:43.08, In memory of Thomas Richardson
  24. Juan Aponte, M42, Brooklin, ME, 5:46.00, In memory of Nini
  25. Lauren Barkhouse, W14, Ellsworth, ME, 5:47.58, In memory of Nini
  26. Mallory Nightingale, W14, Ellsworth, ME, 5:50.26, In memory of James Russell
  27. Michael DeWitt, M46, Ellsworth, ME, 5:51.56, In memory of Tiger Henry DeWitt
  28. Sarah Lyons, W16, Ellsworth, ME, 5:52.06, In memory of Grampy MacKay & Tonya Hadley
  29. Patrick MacKay, M12, Ellsworth, ME, 5:53.10, In memory of Grampy MacKay & Tonya Hadley
  30. Ryan Garrity, M28, Ellsworth, ME, 5:53.77, In memory of Nancy Willey
  31. Cooper Holmes, M11, Ellsworth, ME, 5:55.11, In memory of Barbara Calocci
  32. Bill Webster, M59, Ellsworth, ME, 5:59.38, In memory of Bill Webster Sr.
  33. Annika Firestone, W14, Ellsworth, ME, 5:59.96, In memory of Ellen Cederberg
  34. Lukas Firestone, M11, Ellsworth, ME, 6:00.63, In memory of Bo Hakansson
  35. Katie Ridlizky, W15, Ellsworth, ME, 6:00.77, In memory of Magarat Wagner
  36. Kevin Arkin, M18, Ellsworth, ME, 6:03.47, In memory of Casper Sargent
  37. George Firestone, M47, Ellsworth, ME, 6:05.34, In memory of George F. Firestone, JR
  38. Jenna Bell, W12, Ellsworth, ME, 6:07.95, In memory of Marlene Brown
  39. Sarah Homich, W19, Ellsworth, ME, 6:10.77, In memory of Alveena Young
  40. Kalyn Jackson, W17, Ellsworth, ME, 6:16.11, In memory of Bill Drohan
  41. Kody Holmes, M14, Ellsworth, ME, 6:17.34, In memory of Barbara Calocci
  42. DJ Samuelian, M17, Bangor, ME, 6:20.11, In memory of Marjorie Samuelian
  43. Mary-Beth Mitchell, W34, Ellsworth, ME, 6:27.18, In memory of All Veterans
  44. Robin Clarke, W39, Ellsworth, ME, 6:29.20, In memory of Jon Logan
  45. Keith Smith, M50, Ellsworth, ME, 6:33.29, In memory of Fredrick Smith & Mina Holden
  46. Nate Rockwood, M14, Ellsworth, ME, 6:33.76, In memory of Lionel Bourassa
  47. Matthew Fendl, M14, Ellsworth, ME, 6:33.91, In memory of Thomas F. McAuliffe
  48. Dave Samuelian, M62, Bangoe, ME, 6:45.27, In memory of John Samuelian
  49. Peter Weaver, M41, Lamoine, ME, 6:47.96, In memory of Weyman A. Boone
  50. Corinne Powell, W16, Ellsworth, ME, 6:50.18, In memory of Nelson Belliveau
  51. Zak Charette, M10, Hampden, ME, 6:54.39, In memory of Charlie Smart
  52. Ben Lee, M11, Ellsworth, ME, 6:56.39, In memory of Charlie Smart
  53. Taylor Lounder, M14, Ellsworth, ME, 6:58.88, In memory of Ed Brown
  54. Griffin Nightingale, M12, Ellsworth, ME, 6:59.85, In memory of James Russell (grandfather)
  55. Ceileigh Weaver, W10, Lamoine, ME, 7:02.68, In memory of Nana Young
  56. Nate Stephenson, M12, Ellsworth, ME, 7:03.14, In memory of Joan Stephenson
  57. Becky Leamon, W46, Ellsworth, ME, 7:03.71, In memory of Steve Graves
  58. Jack Lee, M9, Ellsworth, ME, 7:05.44, In memory of Charlie Smart
  59. Beverly Hawkins, W47, Sedgewick, ME, 7:08.44, In memory of Havilah & Mary Hawkins
  60. Mike Petkov, M19, Ellsworth, ME, 7:10.62, In memory of Stefka Petkova
  61. Kelsey Crowley, W18, Ellsworth, ME, 7:12.27, In memory of Betty Sprague
  62. Lisa DeWitt, W46, Ellsworth, ME, 7:12.39, In memory of Roy Lee Lietz Jr.
  63. Mitch Domagala, M12, Ellsworth, ME, 7:12.54, In memory of Beth Wright
  64. Aaron Scillia, M12, Ellsworth, ME, 7:16.11, In memory of David Durost
  65. Camden Holmes, M8, Ellsworth, ME, 7:18.46, In memory of Barbara Calocci
  66. Isaac Weaver, M8, Lamoine, ME, 7:21.11, In memory of Poppop Young
  67. Susie Fay, W18, Ellsworth, ME, 7:23.25, In memory of Chad Curtis
  68. Eric Holmes, M41, Ellsworth, ME, 7:24.71, In memory of Sadie Laprade
  69. Stephen Fay, M59, Ellsworth, ME, 7:27.16, In memory of Chad Curtis
  70. Jason Lee, M37, Ellsworth, ME, 7:35.07, In memory of Grandmother
  71. Hana Firestone, W17, Ellsworth, ME, 7:37.51, In memory of Lars H. Laron
  72. Phil Stuart, M61, Machias, ME, 7:37.55, In memory of Heather Stuart
  73. John Fendl, M12, Ellsworth, ME, 7:41.71, In memory of Howard J. McAuliffe
  74. Katherine Ford, W16, Trenton, ME, 7:42.24, In memory of Sandra Ford
  75. Nicole Thurber, W17, Ellsworth, ME, 7:42.37, In memory of Gramma
  76. Jeff Dalrymple, M53, Surry, ME, 7:43.01, In memory of Olive Gibson
  77. Shirley Amnott, W49, Ellsworth, ME, 7:45.11, In memory of Tobin Fitch
  78. Declan White, M10, Ellsworth, ME, 7:50.13, In memory of Michael Ryan
  79. Danielle Chatto, W27, Ellsworth, ME, 7:51.95, In memory of Casper Sargent
  80. Chelsea Lounder, W9, Ellsworth, ME, 7:55.49, In memory of Edward Brown
  81. Bill Hansen, M64, Surry, ME, 7:55.56, In memory of Harold Ledien
  82. Katie Beardsley, W39, Augusta, ME, 7:59.22, In memory of Elaine Haines
  83. Tony Beardsley, M61, Surry, ME, 7:59.42, In memory of Peg Beardsley
  84. Morgan Barkhouse, W12, Ellsworth, ME, 8:01.34, In memory of Nini
  85. Brianna Reardon, W13, Ellsworth, ME, 8:03.12, In memory of All Veterans
  86. Kyle Lima, M11, Ellsworth, ME, 8:05.98, In memory of William Lima
  87. Ed Raymaker, M80, Ellsworth, ME, 8:07.68, In memory of Christina Greenlaw
  88. Bridget Jordan, W13, Ellsworth, ME, 8:07.99, In memory of Marion D. Berry
  89. Robert Reardon Jr, M40, Ellsworth, ME, 8:08.26, In memory of All Veterans
  90. Petko Petkov, M47, Ellsworth, ME, 8:11.00, In memory of Stefka Petkova
  91. Brandon Aponte, M8, Brooklin, ME, 8:17.13, In memory of All Veterans
  92. Chrissy Allen, W29, Old Town, ME, 8:26.42, In memory of Lola Barrett
  93. Anne Gibson, W55, Surry, ME, 8:29.69, In memory of Dick Gibson
  94. Marty Elliot, M70, Prospect Harbor, ME, 8:35.59, In memory of Don Bruce
  95. Matt Hudson, M19, Ellsworth, ME, 8:36.45, In memory of Theodor Beal
  96. Lucas Allen, M28, Old Town, ME, 8:36.76, In memory of Roger Allen
  97. Tricia Hamilton, W38, Ellsworth, ME, 8:38.40, In memory of Casper Sargent
  98. Jared Hamilton, M8, Elslworth, ME, 8:38.50, In memory of Charles Katsiaficas
  99. Eliott Gagnon-Victor, M7, Ellsworth, ME, 8:44.14, In memory of Gagriel Gagnon
  100. Meghan Collins, W29, Bangor, ME, 8:44.30, In memory of Joseph Smith
  101. Bill Null, M46, Gouldsboro, ME, 8:45.38, In memory of Phyllis Morse
  102. Mary Alice Bruce, W70, Corea, ME, 8:51.34, In memory of Don Bruce
  103. Kristen Beal, W11, Ellsworth, ME, 9:07.94, In memory of Rita Welch
  104. Joseph Look, M13, Ellsworth, ME, 9:13.89, In memory of Joy Ellen Look
  105. Maddie Nida, W7, Ellsworth, ME, 9:18.85, In memory of George Grandpa Mitchell
  106. Dylan Kelley, M11, Lamoine, ME, 9:26.10, In memory of Richard Butler
  107. Jennifer McFarland, W22, Ellsworth, ME, 9:27.23, In memory of Zach Armstrong & Joshua Bach
  108. Laura Look, W40, Ellsworth, ME, 9:29.09, In memory of Casper Sargent
  109. Kristen Crosthwaite, W24, Ellsworth, ME, 9:30.28, In memory of Zach Armstrong & Joshua Bach
  110. Briana Garrity, W27, Ellsworth, ME, 9:32.32, In memory of Nancy Willey
  111. Sydney Garrity, W6, Ellsworth, ME, 9:34.24, In memory of Nancy Willey
  112. Donna Abbott, W57, Franklin, ME, 9:35.71, In memory of Benji Abbott (son)
  113. Johna Barkhouse, W45, Ellsworth, ME, 9:42.28, In memory of Nini
  114. Jim Barkhouse, M50, Ellsworth, ME, 9:42.39, In memory of Nini
  115. Matt Shea, M7, Ellsworth, ME, 9:53.39, In memory of Dwight Brown
  116. Colin Aponte, M4, Brooklin, ME, 9:59.98, In memory of All Veterans
  117. Louise Aponte, W41, Brooklin, ME, 10:00.55, In memory of All Veterans
  118. Matthew Collins, M28, Bangor, ME, 10:04.44, In memory of Philip Jarvis
  119. Michael Reisman, M59, Hulls Cove, ME, 10:09.86, In memory of Barbara Reisman
  120. Asa Jordan, M10, Ellsworth, ME, 10:10.62, In memory of Bette Ray
  121. Padraig White, M6, Ellsworth, ME, 10:17.11, In memory of Michael Ryan
  122. Ena O’Dwyer-White, W35, Ellsworth, ME, 10:17.67, In memory of Michael Ryan
  123. Hillary Caruso, W31, Sorrento, ME, 10:20.08, In memory of Michael Ryan
  124. Joe Caruso, M32, Sorrento, ME, 10:25.40, In memory of Loren Hutchinson
  125. Brayden Beardsley, M12, Surry, ME, 10:28.96, In memory of David Preston
  126. Biruk Beardsley, M6, Surry, ME, 10:29.07, In memory of William H. Beardsley
  127. Haley Abbott, W10, Hancock, ME, 10:32.53, In memory of Uncle Benji Abbott
  128. Dawn Corbett-Hughes, W38, Ellsworth, ME, 10:33.38, In memory of Warrne Hughes
  129. Ciera Abbott, W10, Franklin, ME, 10:35.30, In memory of Uncle Benji Abbott
  130. Sheila Clark, W42, Ellsworth, ME, 10:37.59, In memory of Luke Sponberg
  131. Orion Jordan, M10, Ellsworth, ME, 10:46.30, In memory of Richard Berry
  132. Rhonda Reardon, W39, Ellsworth, ME, 10:46.59, In memory of All Veterans
  133. Bronwyn Beardsley, W6, Surry, ME, 10:52.36, In memory of Carol Dutton Beardsley
  134. Teresa Starkie, W40, Quincy, MA, 10:57.90, In memory of Nancy
  135. Laura Smith, W25, Ellsworth, ME, 11:05.34, In memory of Jerry & Ruby Turner, & Ivan Smith
  136. Devin Grindle, M8, Surry, ME, 11:19.50, In memory of Mildred Emerton
  137. Colby Hamilton, M6, Ellsworth, ME, 11:19.95, In memory of Casper Sargent
  138. Dale Hamilton, M42, Ellsworth, ME, 11:20.58, In memory of Charles Katsiaficas
  139. Rusty Elliot, M88, Prospect Harbor, ME, 11:22.12, In memory of Don Bruce
  140. Ryan Mitchell, M6, Surry, ME, 11:34.87, In memory of All Veterans
  141. Peter Loiselle, M45, Ellsworth, ME, 11:40.04, In memory of All Veterans
  142. Sandra DeWitt, W70, Ellsworth, ME, 11:58.23, In memory of Henry DeWitt
  143. Wyatt Braun, M6, Ellsworth, ME, 12:51.60, In memory of Everett Freeman
  144. Brian Clark, M12, Ellsworth, ME, 13:04.45, In memory of Grandma Beryl
  145. Beverly Homich, W53, Ellsworth, ME, 13:56.40, In memory of May & Valere Albert
  146. Paul Homich, M55, Ellsworth, ME, 13:57.00, In memory of Helen & Alexander Homich
  147. Sara Shea, W6, Ellsworth, ME, 14:32.27, In memory of Sara D. Shea
  148. Karen Shea, W36, Ellsworth, ME, 14:32.51, In memory of Richard Higgins
  149. Beth Fendl, W47, Ellsworth, ME, 14:43.09, In memory of Margaret McAuliffe
  150. William Starkie, M76, Ellsworth, ME, 14:52.91, In memory of Nancy, Norman, Margaret
  151. Abigail Mazgaj, W6, Ellsworth, ME, 15:12.39, In memory of All Veterans
  152. Mallory Dunbar, W3, Mt. Desert, ME, 15:12.65, In memory of John Dunbar
  153. Paul Mazgaj, M47, Ellsworth, ME, 15:12.67, In memory of All Veterans
  154. Benjamin Mazgaj, M8, Ellsworth, ME, 15:12.67, In memory of All Veterans
  155. Hayden Braun, M4, Ellsworth, ME, 15:13.32, In memory of Everett Freeman
  156. Robert Blood, M47, Lamoine, ME, 16:25.49, In memory of Nana D
  157. Aimee Blood, W24, Lamoine, ME, 16:25.74, In memory of James Denbow
  158. Anne Blood, W48, Lamoine, ME, 16:25.81, In memory of Everett Freeman
  159. Paul Cotton, M24, Lamoine, ME, 16:26.61, In memory of James Denbow
  160. Kim Crane, W19, Lamoine, ME, 16:39.79, In memory of Maxine (Grammie) Lakin
  161. Bonita Ross, W70, Ellsworth, ME, 16:52.88, In memory of Norman Ross
  162. Josh Callnan, M12, Ellsworth, ME, 16:54.11, In memory of Ethel Donahue
  163. Cheryl Callnan, W45, Ellsworth, ME, 16:54.26, In memory of Fred Donahue
  164. Beverly Grindle, W36, Ellsworth, ME, 16:59.35, In memory of Casper G. Sargent Jr.
  165. Tracie Crane, W35, Hancock, ME, 16:59.92, In memory of Uncle Charles Harmon
  166. Kathy Crane, W54, Lamoine, ME, 16:59.96, In memory of All Veterans
  167. Anne Lusby, W61, Ellsworth, ME, 17:01.99, In memory of Teresa & Casper Sargent & George Mitchell
  168. Kinsey Crowley, W14, Ellsworth, ME, 17:14.08, In memory of Evla Crowley
  169. Debbie Crowley, W52, Ellsworth, ME, 17:14.18, In memory of Ale from Chile
  170. Teri Sargent-Smith, W, Ellsworth, ME, 17:26.66, In memory of Casper & Teresa Sargent & George Mitchell
  171. Janice Sargent-Mitchell, W57, Ellsworth, ME, 17:26.83, In memory of George, Mom, & Dad
  172. Athana Joy, W54, Ellsworth, ME, 17:55.97, In memory of Viole Sargent & Bessie Thoros
  173. Maria Libby, W13, Hancock, ME, 17:56.81, In memory of My Papou
  174. Lily Katsiaficas, W77, Ellsworth, ME, 17:58.50, In memory of Papou
  175. Mary Katsiaficas-Libby, W43, ME, ME, 17:58.84, In memory of Charles Katsiaficas
  176. Caroline Mazgaj, W4, Ellsworth, ME, 19:54.91, In memory of All Veterans
  177. Katrina Mazgaj, W8, Ellsworth, ME, 19:55.65, In memory of All Veterans
  178. Andrea Beardsley, W44, Surry, ME, 20:13.87, In memory of Doris Bean
  179. Betty Beardsley, W58, Surry, ME, 20:13.89, In memory of Rena Candage
  180. Eden Beardsley, W3, Surry, ME, 20:14.03, In memory of Ruth Dutton
  181. Lucas Fendle, M6, Ellsworth, ME, 20:55.07, In memory of Fred Warren
  182. Fendl John C, M48, Ellsworth, ME, 20:55.08, In memory of Henry Thomas


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