Junk Cars, Pranks, Taxes are Topics

TREMONT — Selectmen at their regular meeting Monday approved an automobile junkyard, returned the excise tax on a car that was registered but never stickered and assured people living near Bernard Corner that the town would do its best this year to curtail Halloween hijinks there and at other locations in town.


Several landowners whose property abuts the junkyard were at the meeting to express concern about the renewal of a permit for Austin Ward, who does business as A&S Auto. The abutters’ complaints centered on being able to see the junk cars from their properties but one woman, Pam Cleaves, said the junkyard might have expanded onto her property.

Later, despite being cautioned by town attorney Chad Smith, selectmen voted to return excise tax to the owners of a car that was sold shortly after it was registered last month.

And, Rusty Bradford and several other residents living near Bernard Corner asked selectmen for their help in preventing pranksters from “decorating” the location with toilet paper, smashed pumpkins and other items on Halloween night as traditionally occurs.

For more political news, pick up a copy of the Mount Desert Islander.


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