Historical Society Planning Calendar

ADDISON — The Pleasant River Historical Society is planning a 2012 collectible calendar with photos of schools and classes from Addison, Columbia and Columbia Falls.

The society is soliciting sponsors for the calendar. The cost of sponsorship is the same as last year, $30. The names and phone numbers of sponsors will appear below each photo for each month of the calendar.


Birthdays and anniversaries also are included in the calendar. Each entry costs $2.

Contact Cathy Fonda at 483-4655 or Jeanette Perry at 483-6642 by May 27 to become a sponsor or place birthdays or anniversaries in the calendar.

The mailing address for the Pleasant River Historical Society is P.O. Box 300, Addison, ME 04606.

For more community news, pick up a copy of The Ellsworth American.



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