Grocer Dumps Town Hill Plan

BAR HARBOR — The Hannaford Supermarkets chain has abandoned plans to build a 35,000-square-foot supermarket in Town Hill.

The company instead plans to spend $130,000 to renovate the front entrance of its downtown store and make other changes to the building.


The interest in expanding to Town Hill is not gone, company spokesman Michael Norton told the Islander, but within the current economic slowdown, investing less money for a more immediate outcome was seen as a prudent decision.

“The economy is not making us shy away from investments, but we’re being maybe a little more judicious,” Mr. Norton said. “This is a more modest plan, but we think it will be a clear positive for our business and the shoppers in that community.”

The most visible change at the downtown store will be an expanded entryway, with room for shopping carts to be stored inside and a separate bottle redemption room, according to planning department documents. Most of the other renovations will occur in the loading dock area behind the store.

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