Grass-fire Season Makes Its Presence Felt

BLUE HILL — Property losses resulting from fire over the past week offer a stark reminder that we are in the midst of grass-fire season.

A grass fire in Sedgwick early Tuesday morning heavily damaged a storage building after a grass fire ignited the building. Blue Hill Fire Chief Dennis Robertson said the fire likely started when a compost pile heated up and ignited grass. The fire, which occurred directly across from the North Sedgwick Fire Station on Sedgwick Ridge Road, started at about 4:30 a.m.

Firefighters responded to a grass fire of unknown origin in Brooklin Monday afternoon. The fire off High Street, across from the town’s sand and salt storage building and a substantial distance from the road, burned about a half-acre of field, scrub pines and woods.

Two grass fires in Surry on April 16 claimed four outbuildings, two cars and two boats.

Robertson said four small outbuildings and two 20-foot fiberglass boats were lost to fire on the Cunningham Ridge Road. The fire resulted from a residential debris burn that got out of hand, Robertson said. The fire also spread across a field and into the woods.

Another debris fire on North Bend Road in Surry burned two cars when it escaped control. Robertson said one of the cars was likely a restoration project, but neither car was roadworthy at the time of the fire.

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