Gouldsboro Police: Stonington Woman Arrested for OUI

GOULDSBORO — Jill Lopes, 45, of Stonington, who attracted attention Aug. 1 for driving very slowly back and forth in Hancock village, was arrested on a charge of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of an intoxicant, according to police.


Police said they were alerted to the slow-moving vehicle headed toward Sullivan on Route 1, but then Lopes’ car went off the road in Hancock. Police said Lopes told them she was house sitting and was having difficulty finding the house.

Police said they asked Lopes if she had been drinking alcohol, and she told she had had one drink earlier in the evening. Police said Lopes then failed a field sobriety contest.

They also said they found an open bottle of coffee brandy in her car and that one-quarter of the bottle had been consumed.

Domestic Arrest

An interrupted 911 call led to the arrest Aug. 1 of Jeffrey Burditt, 33, of Sullivan, on a charge of interrupting an emergency call that was being made by someone seeking assistance.

Police said they received a 911 call and heard a woman’s voice before the call was disconnected. When police called back, a man told them their grandson had been playing with the telephone.

When police arrived at the house a woman told them that she had come home from work and Burditt had been drinking and then passed out. She told police that when he woke up he wanted to go out to eat and became verbally abusive when she refused to go with him. She said she dialed 911 in order to have him removed from the house.

Police said it is illegal to refuse to allow someone to make a call seeking help.

Police said Burditt was transported to Hancock County Jail.

Fireworks Report

A Gouldsboro Point Road woman called police Aug. 1 to complain that her neighbors were setting off fireworks.

Police said when they arrived they didn’t see any fireworks near the woman’s home, but did see fireworks exploding across Gouldsboro Bay in Steuben.


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