Gouldsboro Police: Hulls Cove Man May Face Bail Violation Charges

GOULDSBORO —Police were determining whether to charge a Hulls Cove man with violating conditions of his release on bail.


Police said the man allegedly went to his wife’s house on West Bay Road April 17, left nasty notes on her door, then sat in his vehicle in her driveway and blew the horn until she came out.

Police said the two are in the process of divorcing.

Unattended Death

Police said a man on Route 1 called April 17 and said he had not seen his neighbor in quite some time.

Police said the neighbor, a 62-year-old woman, was found dead in her kitchen.

No foul play was suspected and the woman was believed to have been deceased for several weeks, police said.

Dog License Violations

Adam Lewis, 45, of Gouldsboro, was summoned April 23 on a charge of failure to license his dog.

Allan Church, 25, of the village of Birch Harbor, was summoned on a charge of failing to license his dog.

Missing Juvenile

A 38-year-old man called police April 18 to report that his 14-year-old son was missing.

The father said his son had left the house on a $600 mountain bike without his permission.

Police said they saw the juvenile walking on Pond Road earlier and had given him a ride to his home.

ATV Chase

Police said they pursued a driver on an all-terrain vehicle April 16 on Main Street but were unable to stop it before it turned onto a narrow side road.

Deer Collision

A 31-year-old Steuben man hit a deer April 20 while driving east on Route 1, causing $2,000 damage to his 1998 Chevrolet sport utility vehicle, police said.

Police said the man veered his car away from the first deer and hit a second one running behind it.

Hang-up Call

Police received a 911 hang-up call April 19 from a local business, but said the clerk told them nothing was awry.

Police said the problem might have been a faulty telephone line.

Smoke and Fire

Police spotted smoke behind an Ashville Road home April 23.

Police said the homeowner told them he had a fire permit that was good for two to three days, but failed to produce it when police asked to see it.

Police told the man to put the fire out.

Dog Complaint

A 63-year-old Ashville Road woman called police April 16 to complain that her neighbor’s dog barks all the time.

Police said the other woman also allegedly put items on her neighbor’s property and a yellow tape claiming the property belonged to her.

Police issued no contact warnings to both women until the boundary dispute could be settled.

Dog on the Run

Police spotted a German shepherd running on Pond Road April 16 and followed it to a driveway.

They said a man at the house told them he was babysitting two dogs and the third belonged to him.

Police said none of the dogs was licensed and they would issue a summons if the dogs were not licensed within a week or two.

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