District Attorney Matt Foster’s 9-year-old daughter, Aislinn (left), and 10-year-old Angie had fun with kittens at the Jordan’s Way fundraiser held at the Ark Animal Shelter on May 18. PHOTOS COURTESY MATT FOSTER

Fundraiser brings in over $9,000 for Ark Animal Shelter

CHERRYFIELD — Animal advocate and fundraiser extraordinaire Kris Rotonda, from his charity, Jordan’s Way, was live on Facebook for four hours Tuesday night, May 18, at the Ark Animal Shelter in Cherryfield. Rotonda began a 50-state tour of more than 400 animal shelters on Jan. 10 with Maine being the 26th state. Coming into Maine, $980,000 has been raised for local animal shelters.

District Attorney Matt Foster took part in the Jordan’s Way fundraiser (and got a pie in the face) to raise money for the Ark Animal Shelter. The fundraiser, led by Kris Rotonda of Jordan’s Way, is part of a 50-state fundraising tour. About $9,300 was raised at the event held May 18.

After staffers suffered multiple pies in the face, freezing ice bucket challenges and then Hancock County and Washington County District Attorney Matt Foster being “jailed” in a dog kennel, the fundraiser wrapped up at 10 p.m., having raised approximately $9,300 for the Ark. Foster, who has adopted a dog from the Ark in the past, said he “was happy to help and wanted to give a shout-out to the Ellsworth Tractor Supply Store.” Foster explained that he’d donated $450 worth of food and supplies to the shelter, and the store “gave me a very generous discount of 15 percent.”

If you would like to contribute to the Jordan’s Way fundraiser, there is still a live link on the Ark’s Facebook page.

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