“Fixit Clinic” at Blue Hill Library

BLUE HILL — In the spirit of reducing waste and helping the community learn new skills, the Blue Hill Public Library will host a monthly “Fixit Clinic” on the first Saturday of the month, starting Nov. 3.

The Nov. 3 clinic will run from 2-4 p.m.

The idea is for local experts to coach people in the community on how to disassemble and troubleshoot a variety of items, such as appliances, bicycles, jewelry, clothing, toys, electronics and more.

Participants will be expected to actively participate in the disassembly, troubleshooting and repair of their items so that they can leave fully empowered to share newfound skills and insights with friends, neighbors and the community at large.

Participants are asked to register via a linked form on the library’s web calendar at www.bhpl.net so that the library can try to have the right experts on hand.

Anyone interested in participating as a coach can contact the library at 374-5515 or email [email protected].

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