Fisher Fund Running Low

BLUE HILL — The Dolly Fisher Fund sponsored by the First Congregational Church of Blue Hill is running low on donations to assist the needy in Blue Hill and the surrounding area.


This fund has provided assistance for fuel, electricity, and other necessities to a growing population in need of assistance during this economic downturn.

Thanks to donations from neighbors and friends, the church has been able to distribute nearly $20,000 in the last year.

With the coming colder weather, the fund is running low and the church asks for help in fulfilling its desire to help those in need, especially the children and those who may be disabled or retired on low income.

Dolly Fisher was the wife of the Rev. Jonathan Fisher, the first settled preacher, and is a symbol of caring as she supported the area for many years as an outreach person on the Blue Hill Peninsula.

The Dolly Fisher Fund is distributed based on need as well as the available funds for this purpose.

The fund is administered through volunteers and as such has no overhead charges. Recipient names are maintained confidentially. All funds that come in are distributed to the needy.

The success of this effort depends on both church member donations and community donations.

Please send donations to the First Congregational Church of Blue Hill “Attention the Dolly Fisher Fund ” P.O. Box 444, Blue Hill, ME 04614. For more information, call 374-2891.


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