Ellsworth sestercentennial opening ceremony schedule

ELLSWORTH — The opening ceremony for the city’s sestercentennial celebration will be held Saturday, July 20, on the City Hall steps.

The schedule is as follows:

1. National Anthem performed by Fletcher’s Landing Philharmonic Orchestra

2. City Council Chairman Gary Fortier introduces 1963 Bicentennial guests and members of the Ellsworth 250 Committee. City Council members present Darlene Springer and Reta Dunn from H.W. Dunn Monuments, Fletcher’s Landing Philharmonic Orchestra members, vocal group members, the American Legion Color Guard and the Ellsworth Fire Department Color Guard.

3. Invocation by Robert Maddocks

4. Song: “God Bless America”

5. Speech: “How We Got Here” Gary Fortier will review the past 18 months.

6. Presentation by United States Senator Susan Collins

7. Song: “America the Beautiful”

8. Sen. Brian Langley and Rep. Louie Luchini will present a joint legislative sentiment.

9. City Manager Michelle Beal will read a letter from Governor Paul LePage.

10. Guest speaker Ruth Foster

11. Dedication of the 250 Monument

12. Closing remarks by Gary Fortier

13. Song: “Ellsworth Fair Ellsworth”

14. Birthday cake will be served in the Fire Department

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