Echo Lake Races Attract Swimmers

MOUNT DESERT — Maks Grover and Shauna Lynch defended their titles at the 15th Annual Bill Reeve Echo Lake Swim last Saturday. Grover was a dual champion, taking first overall in the 500-yard and 1.5-mile swims.


Sixty swimmers, aged 8 to 70, took part in the annual event hosted by the Down East Family YMCA (DEFY). Swimmers lined up in the water at Ike’s Point and swam around buoys positioned around the lake as dozens of family members and friends cheered them on.

Grover finished the 500-yard swim in 5:59.90. He was closely followed by Sam Manhart, 40, from Hamden, who finished in 6:07.62. The top female swimmer was Britt Sosa, 39, from Bar Harbor, who finished in 7:42.15.

About 10 minutes after the completion of the 500, Manhart and Grover took early leads over the other swimmers in the 1.5-mile swim. The swimmers swam the first leg of the race, almost three quarters of a mile, against a fairly significant wind. “I was a little concerned about the current when I got here this morning,” said Matt Montgomery, race director and swim coach at the DEFY. “This was a new course from what we had done in previous years and it forced the swimmers to swim the longest leg directly against the wind.”

The new setup did allow for some exciting finishes. The final leg had swimmers round a buoy 250 yards offshore and race to the final buoy right in front of the crowd. Manhart and Grover were the first two to race toward the finish. Grover finished in a time of 34:37.56. Manhart finished soon after in a time of 35:05.72. “I gave all I had at the end but couldn’t catch him,” said Manhart. “He swam a great race.”

Shauna Lynch and Lyle Stephenson were the next two finishers. Lynch clocked a 37:41.02, almost two minutes faster than her championship swim last year. Stephenson finished in 38:06.78.

About 30 minutes later the last of the swimmers finished the race, including the youngest participants, Sam Alvarado and Christian Jones, both 10 years old, who swam accompanied by a number of their older DEFY Dolphin teammates for support, including recent YMCA Nationals participants Cece McEachern and Keith Chandler.

1.5-mile Echo Lake swim results

  1. *34:37.56 Maks Grover, Ellsworth
  2. *35:05.72 Sam Manhart, Hamden
  3. *37:41.02 Shauna Lynch, Ellsworth
  4. *38:06.78 Lyle Stephenson, Ellsworth
  5. *41:28.93 Britt Sosa, Bar Harbor
  6. *42:44.81 Erin Connery, Southwest Harbor
  7. 44:41.68 Peter York, Naperville, IL
  8. *45:07.09 Brian Reading, Bangor
  9. 45:11.21 Robert Pollien, Mount Desert
  10. *45:18.43 Doug Trenkle, Surry
  11. 46:46.43 Kody Holmes, Ellsworth
  12. 47:31.36 Howard Goldman, Delray Beach, FL
  13. 47:56.21 Andy Stephenson, Ellsworth
  14. *52:09.50 Mariah Reading, Bangor
  15. 52:09.78 Liam Reading, Bangor
  16. *54:38.93 Lynn Haaland, Southwest Harbor
  17. *55:14.15 Carlos Black, Beaufort, SC
  18. *55:25.87 Tish Noyes, Sorrento
  19. *55:41.02 Ellen Shockro, Stonington
  20. *57:29.93 Kristi Panayatoff, Lincolnville
  21. 63:58.12 Priscilla Wiggin, Blue Hill
  22. 63:58.12 Louise Aponte, Brooklin
  23. 69:37.37 Nancy Patterson, Ellsworth
  24. *75:24.50 Sam Alvarado, Lamoine
  25. 77:01.46 Hakon Jones, Surry
  26. 77:04.93 Christian Jones, Surry
  27. 77:13.12 Genya Grover, Ellsworth
  28. 77:20.02 Cece McEachern, Ellsworth
  29. 77:36.65 Lauren Meeney, Michigan
  30. 77:37.56 Keith Chandler, Hancock
  31. 78:06.72 Judith Blake, Bar Harbor
  32. 80:05.24 Hilary Geisler, Blue Hill

500-yard Echo Lake swim results

  1. *5:59.90 Maks Grover, Ellsworth
  2. *6:07.62 Sam Manhart, Hamden
  3. *7:11.34 Bailey York, Naperville, IL
  4. *7:37.01 Ford Ray, Nashville, TN
  5. *7:42.15 Britt Sosa, Bar Harbor
  6. 7:50.36 Cooper Holmes, Southwest Harbor
  7. *8:18.52 Andy Stephenson, Ellsworth
  8. 8:56.62 Anthony Shaw, Greenwich, CT
  9. *9:52.02 Ellen Shockro, Stonington
  10. 9:56.43 Valerie Shaw, Greenwich, CT
  11. 10:19.02 Wesley York, Naperville, IL
  12. *10:21.90 Ceileigh Weaver, Ellsworth
  13. 10:39.12 Isaac Weaver, Ellsworth
  14. 10:47.62 Tade Waters, Hancock
  15. 10:51.15 Jessica Cohen, Ellsworth
  16. *11:32.01 Meghan McEachern, Ellsworth
  17. *11:33.06 Lyle Stephenson, Ellsworth
  18. *11:34.72 Lauren Meeney, Michigan
  19. 11:46.09 Lainey Cohen, Ellsworth
  20. 12:21.90 Brandon Aponte, Brooklin
  21. 12:21.91 Maya Sealander, Brooklin
  22. 12:47.06 Shaun McKay, Blue Hill
  23. *13:07.46 Zsolt Megai, Franklin
  24. 13:35.43 Camden Holmes, Ellsworth
  25. *13:38.84 Jill Cohen, Ellsworth
  26. 13:38.85 Cece McEachern, Ellsworth
  27. *14:04.17 Judy Connery, Southwest Harbor
  28. 14:06.28 Nick Shaw, Greenwich, CT
  29. 14:10.30 Charline Shaw, Greenwich, CT
  30. *21:41.15 Peggy Marks, Surry
  31. 23:02.62 Marianne Shirley, Ellsworth

* denotes age group winner


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