DOT: Stoplight Issue in Marden’s Court

ELLSWORTH — Marden’s shoppers are wondering whether a flashing yellow traffic light in front of the store will become a stoplight once more now that the store is open.


Leaving the store and maneuvering a left turn onto Route 3 to head back into the Ellsworth shopping district can be challenging at certain times of day.

The state says it’s waiting on Marden’s to update a device that would synchronize the light in front of the Marden’s with all the other lights on Myrick Street and Route 3.

“Before we bring it back online we want it to talk to all the other signals,” said Steve Landry, Maine Department of Transportation traffic engineer. “We’re waiting for them to hire the contractor to do that work.”

The traffic engineer explained that the city and private developers have spent a lot of money on the Myrick Street/Route 3 traffic system.

“They have to upgrade their traffic signal controller and get a communication wire between their traffic signal and the one at Beechland Road,” said Landry. “We don’t want that light working independently of all the others.”

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