Composting talk scheduled April 20

BLUE HILL — The Blue Hill Public Library will host an online program about composting on Tuesday, April 20, at 2 p.m. Are you curious about how compost works and how to use the finished product? This presentation will provide an overview and tips for home composting.

The speaker is Mark Hutchinson, a University of Maine Cooperative Extension professor. Hutchinson has worked on compost issues in Maine and internationally for over 20 years as part of his research and educational programs at the Cooperative Extension. He conducts research and education on the compost processes and training for medium- to large-scale composting operations through the Maine Compost School. Hutchinson is a USDA compost subject matter expert, responding to disaster events in which compost is used as a response tool. He also conducts training for federal and state agricultural service providers in responding to foreign disease outbreaks.

To register to receive the link to join by Zoom, sign up on the online calendar at or call the library at 374-5515.

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