Colorful creatures

The downtown Ellsworth scene has gotten all the more colorful in recent weeks with the addition of some wooden animal sculptures designed to celebrate the LGBTQ community. A mosaic bear made by Lori Chase of Coastal Interiors stands watch over Water Street. An ostrich is perched in front of Flexit Cafe. The ostrich represents the Pride Progress Flag design by Daniel Quasar. It adds new colors to the traditional rainbow flag to highlight the marginalized communities of people of color, trans individuals and those living with HIV/AIDS. The giraffe outside the Ellsworth Public Library represents the Philly Pride Flag, which was created by the city of Philadelphia in 2017. The giraffe and ostrich were made by Orono residents and originally displayed in that town in honor of Pride Month.

Cyndi Wood

Cyndi Wood

Managing Editor
Cyndi is managing editor of The Ellsworth American. The Ellsworth native joined the staff of The American in 2007 as a reporter.
Cyndi Wood

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