Brooksville Residents Express Support for Lobster Hatchery

BROOKSVILLE — Residents showed their support for the Zone C Lobster Hatchery at the annual Town Meeting March 3.

Voters approved giving the hatchery $3,000 — triple the amount recommended by the Budget and Advisory Committee. The vote was 27-15 in favor of the amended article.

The hatchery had requested $2,000.

Nearly 60 people attended Town Meeting Tuesday at the elementary school.

Voters made quick work of the 20 school warrant articles and approved an overall school budget of $1,695,264.75.

Residents approved increasing hourly wages for labor, operator, winter operator and road commissioner by $1 more than had been recommended.

Voters approved spending $42,000 on the first of two payments on a loan to purchase half the Walker Pond property. An additional $15,000 to support the project was also approved.

In Monday’s municipal election, Darrell Fowler was elected selectman, Amber Bakeman town clerk, Matthew Dow fire chief, Mark Blake road commissioner and Freida Peasley treasurer. Donald Condon and Christopher Raphael were elected to the Planning Board and Jennifer Chase and Charles Tarr were elected to the School Board. James Littlefield, Ruth Robinson and Robert Tredwell were elected to the Budget and Advisory Committee. In the only contested race, Yvonne Redman was elected tax collector with 102 votes to Rhoda Clifford’s 53.

Nicole Ouellette

Nicole Ouellette

When Nicole isn't giving advice she's completely unqualified to give, she runs an Internet marketing company in Bar Harbor, where she lives with her husband Derrick and their short dog Gidget. She loves young adult novels, cooking and talking French to anyone who'll talk back. [email protected]