Brooklin Soldiers on Through Board-less Town Meeting

BROOKLIN — Voters had to proceed through the annual Town Meeting Saturday without the leadership of the Board of Selectmen, whose members resigned before the session got under way.


Residents approved nearly all the warrant articles except a handful in which they said needed clarification from a selectman.

The good news is that the amount needed to be raised from taxes for the school budget is less than this year’s.

“We’re very pleased that although our operating budget is up, we need less from the town through taxes,” said School Board Chairman Mary Cummins.

School Union 76 Superintendent Bob Webster said savings in the upcoming year’s budget were obtained by reducing the hours an administrative assistant works in the school office and an education technician position was cut.

Webster advised that Brooklin could expect a continued decline in state aid to education. Instead of covering 55 percent of the costs of education over the next several years, the figure will be closer to 42 percent, he said.

“It’s probably going to continue to shrink until the state’s economy recovers,” said Webster.

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