Board Talks Trash

MOUNT DESERT — Selectmen voted to temporarily relocate the three trash Dumpsters on town land off of Main Street in Seal Harbor while they investigate the placement of all Dumpsters throughout the town’s villages Tuesday. The discussion of the legality and necessity of the town’s Dumpsters, including those at the Northeast Harbor Marina, Bartlett’s Landing and the Sergeant Drive Transfer Station, was prompted by a citizen’s complaint regarding the three Seal Harbor Dumpsters.

The rest of the town’s Dumpsters may be slated for removal if they are found to be out of compliance with state and federal regulations, said selectmen.

During the discussion, some residents spoke in favor of keeping the Dumpsters in place, while others argued that they were unnecessary and unsightly.

“This has been a contentious issue in town for a long time. Some people enjoy them, while others have complaints. It is the responsibility of the town to monitor them,” said resident Rick Savage. “The overall benefit to the town far outweighs shutting them down as a blanket policy.”

Resident Edith Dunham renewed her objection to the placement of Dumpsters located across from her home off of Route 3 in Seal Harbor.

Since she moved back to her Seal Harbor home a year ago, Ms. Dunham has noted substantial misuse of the Dumpsters and often observed a toxic chemical smell coming from the Dumpster area, she has said.

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