Blue Hill Consolidated School honor roll

The following students were named to the first trimester honor roll at Blue Hill Consolidated School:


Eighth grade

High honors: Alexander Amado; Renee Amado; Matthew Astbury; Essie Fitzpatrick; Gabe Hall; Molly Jennings; Abbie Keenan; Colby Lacasse; Jaden Lewis; Kelly McKay; Clark Morrison; River Muise; Tucker Norwood; Abigail Parker; Lillian Robbins; Ava Tapley; Augusto van Duijn; Harrison Walden; Lannea Zentz.

Honors: Ashton Carter; Yasumin Sarawan; Teague Smallidge; Solomon Tyler.

Seventh grade

High honors: Thomas Astbury; Jasmine Black; Mackenzie Bridges; Jack Brooks; Kelsey Carter; Lael Clapp; Sarah Emerton; Paige Gray; Hailey Grenier; Andrew Hipsky; Lily Jaffray; Lucasz Jones; Theron Lehto; Sarah Means; Liliana Muise; Blake Nason; Katie Norwood; Samuel Page; Jazelle Rodriguez; Ana Scheff; Charles St. Lawrence; Joshua Williams

Honors: Zane Bulger; Violet Hester.

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